Miss U My Old Friend :(

i knew her through the internet .. i was surprised how similar we are !!
we have the same habits ,, we have the same characters ,, we listen to the same music ,, etc
she had a big problem and started to go away from all the people ,, I was so sad for her and tried to be in her side , but she told me "please let me alone for a while " !

these were the last words i have heard from her .. :((
I tried many times to call her , send messages .. but she refused to answer me , then she remove me from her friend list on facebook and then she closed her account and change her mobile number

really ,, i miss her soooo much ! :(
MissVampire MissVampire
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Remember the good times you had with her though and see if there was something you learned from all this <3

i will ,, thanks my dear :)

awww. I had a few friends like that. Friends still stay true friends forever in the heart. It's time to move on with life though. It's possible she may come back some day, and if she does, appreciate that moment, but until then, keep pushing on =.