My Mom

On March 19 My mom, My daughter, my husband  and myself when't out shopping and three days later my mom was Dead. My mom was a healthy lady so we thought. She had when for a week to a  chiropractor because she pull a disk in her back. My mom was a drinker she did not have and easy life by that i mean she worked for a job that did not care about her and she use to take her work home with her. Plus in all her relationships you was given to short end of the stick. On March 21 my mom call me up so happy saying she felt like her old self. The pain she had in her back was almost gone and she was looking forward to going outside and putting down new grass seed. But the next morning i got the worst call you could ever get from your little sister. I heard the phone rang at 8:00am jumped out of bed and ran to get the phone. I missed the call but seen I had some messages so I checked them and all i could hear was Selange Call me its mim (my grandmother) and my sister saying she dead. So i called my mim and my sister answered the phone She said Mom's Dead, I found her in the bathroom she dead. I said i am on my way. My husband got up and asked what was wrong I told him My Mom died and can he watch our daughter. He said Yes so i ran to my mim's house she lives 3 blocks away from me. My sister was waiting for me at the door I garbed her and ask if she found out what happened? She said No the EMT's are downstairs trying to work on her but she is already dead she cold and blue. I went and down the first set of stairs there was a EMT there on the phone talking to a doctor. he asked me who i was I told him that i was my mom they where working on and I was her oldest. He said I am sorry but we did all we could and the doctor that i just talk to pernoced her dead. and they had to call the police because she died at home. When the officer got there he asked alot of Questions we told he what we new we told him our uncle seen her At work that morning at 6:30am and she left work at 7am because she had and upset stomach. So know she died between 7- 8am and the Medical examiner said she died of a heart attack the same as her farther and that my sister and my self need to get checked out. I am still having a heard time dealing with the fact she is gone and how much i really miss her phone call and her voice.
BrokenheartedInWindsorOntario BrokenheartedInWindsorOntario
May 15, 2012