I Lost My Mother Almost 8 Years Ago. But She Really Isn't Gone.

My mother was in a horrible car accident years ago. Her brain was injured not quite enough to kill her. My father kept her alive on life support and now she is alive though feeding tubes. She barely has brain function and has been like this for years. I'm angry that my dad is doing this. She has bit off half of the bottom of her face and has no bottom lip. She doesn't look human anymore and is slowly decaying from being in a bed for so many years. He avidly visits her and leaves family events such as Christmas events to go see her. I have this horribly strong desire for her to pass on. I recently convinced him to sign the do not resuscitate papers. I was barely 17 when this happened. I pray for the day that god shows mercy. If anyone else is in my situation please I would love someone who can relate. I wish I could do something.
xrejektx xrejektx
Dec 4, 2012