Lost My Mom

I lost my mom 7 years ago and it is still hard on me. We used to talk everyday almost all day now I feel empty that she is not here anymore. She died when my son was 2 now I have 2 girls and I really wish she was here for me. Mother's Day is really difficult for me. It seems like everyone has their mother and is happy.
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3 Responses Dec 23, 2012

I actually had 2 mothers who passed away.The 1-year anniversary of my stepmother's death is closing in(and Easter Sunday fell on date,no less) and my birthmother died in 2005, a little over a year after I lost my brother.

How can you have mothers?

Two I ment

Merry Christmas thanks for sharing your stories

<p>I know how you feel I lost my mom 3 months ago, this is going to be the first christmas without her, its very painful not to have her anymore.</P>