I'm am a male only child and never had any siblings. I am twenty years old and live in a small town. When i was 17, i lost my Mother to cancer. It was devistating but my Dad and me built news lives. I graduated high school and at age 19 i Graduated college with a degree in journalism and broadcasting. This december he passed away from cancer. I have no relationship or partner and many of my friends moved away. I also just learnt do to a birth defect, i will never be able to have children. So I have no parents, siblings, girlfriend, wife, children (or ability to have them) and i feel so very alone. I just want to know if there is anyone who is in this same situtation as me. What did you do? what would you recomend

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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013 can never say i know how you feel..everyone deals with this differently...but my mom passed away a little over a year ago(i was 19) sudden and me and my step dad had to pack up and move out within the month and i failed collage because of it and had to get a crappy job while my ferinds all moved to collage and out of this town. my step dad has a new gf and starting to forget about me i ve never been close to my father and i fear of having kids due to my famliy histroy and my metal disorders (passing them on). it's not fuly the same but yea best advice i can give it one day at a time talk to people (even online) for babies..there is the option of adoption. maybe even try signing up on a dating site? ...i dunno if that really helps hopes are with you there is someone for everyone just gotta hold out.

yes i no how you feel. i lost mum on the 11/1/13. all my life it has always been me and mum.
four year ago she became ill and i gave up my job to look after her, friends moved on, different phone numbers/ addresses. no brothers and sisters.
i just sit here by myself in a house surrounded by all mums things.