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As of 5am today, the 20th of Jan it would be a week since I lost my mother. She was 58. We lost her to kidney failure and fluids in her lungs when her kidneys went her heart gave out. I plan on still wishing her a happy birthday just like we planned. I'm just so unsure of how to deal with this. I still have my dad, but we're both not very verbal emotional wise... everyone stays how are you or you'll be fine and it makes me want to slap the **** out of themm... can anyone helpp.. I'm only 18 and have no idea what to do anymore... :(
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

best advice i can give you..let people in..tell what your feeling and cry when you need to don t care what people say if you and your father can't experss it so well though words just..hug and cry together (it may sound werid...but i m a guy who never been good with helped me and my step father start talking though the tears)and as for the people who say that slap them (or get punching bag) feels really good. and the people on here are very supportive...all i can say is stay strong ..think of the good times you had and always remember the lessons she taught you and she will always be in your heart i dunno if this will help but bullet in my hand by redlight king helped me alot.