Lost My Beloved Dog Yesterday

My dog whom I have loved and cared for almost 17 years died yesterday afternoon. For some reasons I feel he had picked this date to go. He also made sure I was around to hold him during the final moment.

I know my dog was old, his days with me was counting. I have prepared myself for this moment for a while. But still, when it really happened, it hurt me so hard — much harder than I could handle.

My dog took his last breath in my arms. He looked peaceful and relaxed. But I wasn't ready to let him go. I kept giving him CPR while my husband drove us to a near by pet hospital. At the hospital, I insisted the vet to try everything that they could think of to bring him back to me. After the vet confirmed that my dog was indeed gone, I held him for hours. Last night, I left his light on for him, and hoped miracle would happen, that somehow my dog would return...

He didn't return. My pain grows by the minute. When will it stop?

missmydog missmydog
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Shepherdess is right. He was clearly loved and had a long life, for a dog. it is so sad that the lives of dogs and humans are misaligned, so that a dog lover can expect to be bereaved several times.

The pain will never stop from losing your loving friend......but it will lighten. Just go with your pain for now. You need to grieve. Let yourself go and mourn. You will feel brighter again. Promise!

Its sad to hear that you lost you pet dog. But I think he has lived a great life with you.