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I'm 15 and I just lost my brother 3 weeks ago. He was driving home at like 11 o'clock. He was almost home and he was on an icey road. He was on a curve and was using cruise control, his tire caught the side of the road, he spun out and off the left side of the road. The truck flipped one in a half times and the top of the truck crushed him.... He was gonna be 18 on July 13th. We didnt have the best relationship but it still doesn't feel real. I love and miss him. I've been bottling up my emotions and I normally don't. Did anyone else have a reaction like that?

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

i know what it feels like to lose a brother- i lost mine 3 months ago. and i know what you mean when u say u bottle up your emotions. I did and do still about my brother. I didn't talk to my family which i am really close to or anyone else. everytime someone asks me how i am doingi just say fine and leave it at that; however, take it from me you want to express yourself in some healthy way. for me.. this is it. talking to complete strangers helps me. Maybe writing down your feelings or chatting with strangers or even signing about it may help you. you will find something just keep looking for it.

i'm very sorry. Bottling up emotions is no good, but in a way i guess its easier because it makes it less real when it stays inside instead of in reality. its gonna be hard, but you have to let them out. write and express your emotions. you can write a note to him. have support. Things will get better.