Humanity Is So Weak

To anyone who would even bother to read this. I have lost all faith in humanity I belive that everyone is way to caught up in all their emoitions and are mainly selfish to be capable of improving humanity. In this society I don't belive that I could realy care about anyone because everyone is so materialistic and sways need things that they do not need. The world is based on money and power, but in the end no one has any real power. I constantly think to myself that I should end myself, but that would only let society win as people would see me as a person would couldn't live without other people, but I actually prefer to be by myself as a wouldn't have to keeppretnding that I care about other people problems, when people complain to me about such insignificant problems I just want to hit them with a stick and tell them to get over it. I belive my purpose in life ( if there is any ) is to help get people get over physical items. If you have read to this point, post a comment so I know what poeple actually think of me.
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

The only solution is to subjugate emotion. It is what suppresses free will.

I know what you're saying

1 John and 2 in the light instead of in the power of darkness.<br />
Galatians 5: led by the Spirit. Virtues, not vices.<br />
Galatians 6: kind and good to all (as to yourself)<br />
Ephesians 4: 29-32<br />
Ephesians 5: 1 and 2<br />
Ephesians 6: strong against the power of darkness.<br />
You are in the not of the world.<br />
Grace is a gift from God, you don't have to earn it.

Go **** yourself, religion has cause more hate and intollerance than any other thing in human history, especially those that follow the bible.

Maybe you just haven't met the right people.