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Ever Since...

I decided to move out of the state. My friends just stopped talking to me. I guess they couldn't handle the distance and that they really weren't true friends.

I'm just toxic to ppl. If I do have anybody, it's acquaintances and those don't really matter. So I'm pretty much alone now.
reset reset 18-21, F 3 Responses Feb 3, 2012

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In nature, animals that produce toxins as a means of defense are often brightly colored and quite beautiful . . . Their toxicity is most often reserved for other animals that attack them. <br />
<br />
Play nice and nobody gets hurt . . .

I'm sorry that happened. Maybe it's better that they left<br />
<br />
Try to think of people as being your hair. Some hairs grow with you and stay with you forever and never break, some stay with you but break over time, and others just fall out after a short time or a little longer. These friends who stopped speaking to you might be the hairs that break over time but eventually repair themselves to grow with you again. They might be the hairs that fall off and never grow with you again. In their place new hairs will grow to be with you. <br />
You moved to a new state, that's like a new beginning. New friends will take the place the others have left.

thats a good analogy.

oh wow. been there, done that. i often feel im toxic to people too. im starting to believe im incapable of a stable friendship/relationship, whatever with people. i tend to keep everybody at arms length. i dont wanna hurt again. so i wander around, meet a lot of different types. but in the end im a one man army. so i feel for you =(