Life After Highschool

I graduated highschool in 2009 I'm about to turn 21 in june. When i was in HS i talked to many people, specially during 9 10 and 11 grade. 12 grade i started noticing that evryone or most people had their circle of friends, even though i talked to many people noone was really someone i can call my friend exept for one person and hes like a brother to me, i still talk to him. Actually currently hes my only true friend, but lately we hardly even talk to eachother or see eachother once or twise a month. I also have my girlfriend we've been together 2 years now, already 3 this june.I live in my parents house and i have a 5 year old brother and a 10 year old sister, they mean the world to me, but even with all of this in my life somehow i often feel so lonely :( i feel like i need my group of friends to hang out with. In college i often feel left out like somehow i cant fit in with people, i always feel so weird. I feel like when i am my self people dont get me or dont like me. Its already hard enough the fact that i am not from here, the US, i came here with my momn to live with my dad when i was 7 most of my childhood was in Mexico, Its really hard finding a job and being on my own and it sux! Lonelines is always in the back of my head and i try not to think about it but its always there and i often have dreams that are so weird but in the end they always make sense to me in the meaning they have, and often iwakeup feeling sad because of  dream and because i know its a manifestasion of my feelings. I hate feeeling alone.uis 
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Hey, my story is creepily similar to yours. I graduated highschool in 2009, just turned 21 in August, I live with my parents and I have three nephews of ages 7, 3, and 1 that mean the world to me. Also, I moved to Canada when I was 12. Most of my childhood was in Colombia. I used to be pretty socially active in highschool, but once I got to university, I lost touch with everyone. I have been dating my guy for 2 years and I love him more than anything. But just like you, I feel like I want a group of friends to hang out with and just be me.
So... I guess you're not alone. But I actually know EXACTLY how you feel. It's not you dont appreciate who's around you. It's just depressing to know no one ever calls to see how you're doing, to invite you to a party, and mainly.. it's like outside your family circle and you significant other, .... no one cares. :(

Hi. First you must now, many people feel just like you do. I am also 21, and also feeling lonley. I turn around, and look close, and I realize everyone feels the same way, so they try to be nice, no be friendly, they make effort, spend time and money on having relationships. We all need to "fit in", so jus be aware, ist TOTALLY intentonal to be friendly so you have a bunch of "friends" collegues or whatever. So ... go ahead!