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It is hard to try and talk about with people who have never experienced such a "close" loss. Everyone says "I'm hear to talk to" I know this, but they wouldn't be able to understand the emptiness that I feel. To not have BOTH of them sucks. I need to talk to people who understand that.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2011

I know the feeling but I thank God that they dont feel like me as I wouldnt want them to. There are people available through your doctor that you can talk to who will listen to you and not pass judgement. It is something that no one will evevr fully undersatnd until they to have experienced it. It can make you angry with the sheer frusration of not speaking to someone who understands, so use this forum we here undersatnd and know exactly how you feel. Try and look after yourself and even if it doesnt make sense write on here and I bet we will understand. Hang in there xx