"the End Of Faith, Love, And Life"

When the day ends what do you do? Go to sleep? party? Go to a friends house? Stare at the stars? Go to your quiet place? Well in the small town of harrisburg arkansa, a sixteen year old twin brother of a pathetic foot ball jock lies on the half frozen mushy ground, not because he fell, not becuase he was tired, not because he wanted to stare at the stars, oh no. He lies there  on the grounnd  dieing. How you might ask, well not by a blade, not by a gun, not by hands of men, but out of sorrow, out of doubts, out of fear, out of the faith that has slowly became nonexistance, the faith tthat had once kept young jay goning, the faith that had once was strong enough to retrive jay from his slumber, a faith that has been slowly destroyd by constaint lies, by constaint let downs, by his family, and friends. and now like his faith young jay has came to a end............
countryloverboy327 countryloverboy327
18-21, M
May 9, 2012