I watched my parents grow old and frail. They both died of natural causes within 8 months of each other, I believe they wanted to go out together. The hardest part was watching them decline knowing they were not coming back. In the end the rolls were reversed and the children were taking care of them. You know it is going to happen but it still gets to you and it stays with you. It changed me more than I thought it would and I still miss them.
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I lost my mom 25 years ago now. It was hard on me . It was so hard on my step dad that they had to hospitalize him. It really took a mental tole on my dad. Her passing was a very very long and drawn out one. And quite painful. I was lucky to have a great mom though. She was a good woman.

Yep, it is part of becoming a real adult. No one gets over it but you certainly gain an apprecation for them and understand that life has a time limit...I know how you feel.