I Lost Both Of Them To Cancer.

I spent alot of my teen years taking care of them on hospice care. It is true in some cases where once the one passes the other just gives up and goes a few years later. In 1989 my family thought that my father wasgoing to pass then. Helived until 2008. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnantwith me. I don't like that she smoked while pregnant wit me but that is something that can't be helped or changed now. Anyway my mothers cancer laid dorment for almost 20 years. Then one day she had a pain in her mouth that she thought was a toothache. When she went to the dentist he said she needed to get to a doctor right away. I knew then that it was cancer. I don't know how or why I thought it but I was right. She had never told me she had a minor surgery when I was a baby for this on the inside of her cheek. I would have liked to have known that. So through 2 surgerys and many doctor and hospital stays she ended up on hospice care. I was the one who took care of her the most. I played the strong one while I was upset on the inside. She passed when I turned 20. Shortly after my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer. I already knew he had t cause he was losing his voice and coughing up blood. So he ended up with losing his voice box. He had a little servox machine he talked with. I could talk to him on the phone and some others could but not everyone understood him. He couldn't get the one put into his body so he had to learn to talk with a littleone he held. He got worse more and more every month. He ended up on hospice care and was only home for a week and than he passed when I was 23. I ended up in a mental hospital for a while. Life was crazy and I was going through so much stress I had chest pain I feared would end up being something very scary. I go lucky with that and they said that some people have that happen when they have been under stress for too long. However now I am doing much better. I don't even feel sad anymore. I met a wonderful man who I ended up marrieing. He says that he respects what I did cause not everyone can handle what I went through.
Tara277 Tara277
31-35, F
May 19, 2012