Heart Attack And Suicide

My dad died three years ago due to a heart attack. To be honest I wasn't actually upset or sad. I hadn't seen him for 4 years because he had stopped picking me up from school and the weekends that he did was made into a living hell by his new wife and her children. I actually felt guilty that I didn't care.

My mum committed suicide two months ago, and I feel like it is my fault. I mean I keep thinking of things I said, or could have done differently. But it dawned on me the night she died that my children wouldn't have grandparents, I wouldn't have them at my wedding, and the never got to see me graduate university. I am only twenty so I should have my parents to rely on. I love my mum, and I even plan on giving one of my daughters her name, but at the same time I feel ripped off. I am a good person, I was a good kid and now both my parents have decided I wasn't worth spending their life with, and it is way too late to fix the damage
fishnetglo fishnetglo
22-25, F
Sep 12, 2012