Bitter Sweet Love

My name is Regina Im 21 years old. Both my parents have passed away. My fathers death was a medical accident,but was hospitalized due to vietnam war addiction of heroin. I was 16 and it was after thanksgiving. My beautiful mother passed when I was 18, she was a strong caring woman but struggled with depression for the loss of her first child in 1979 age 3. Drunkdriver, my mom also a victim of addiction over the course of her life due to drugs passed away in 2010 of january. I was beyond devistated and lost. Confused and hurt. My boyfriend G had been with me for a year already 3 months after my moms death I became pregnant with our first child a babygirl born few days after thanksgiving, I was pass due, I was overwhelmed and sad because I lost my family and created a new one in less than 1year. To top it off I was in a shelter, I became homeless when I was 5months pregnant. God guided me to safety, my daughter saved my life and sanity. Im always going to live with unanswered questions and hurt. But I had such a traumatic year and was lost but you come to a point when you realize the love of a parent never dies. Once I figured that out I picked up the pieces of my life Im graduating from a vocational college, in a few weeks. Im a single mom doing it, anyone can when you believe in yourself im living proof...RIP MOMMA&DADDY best parents ever
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Hi, you are amazing and strong, I lost my parents 6 years ago in a car accident I'm 13 now and I still can't cope. I wish I had your strength and was clever, I just seem to get into trouble and make everything worse. Your daughter is very lucky to have you x

So sorry for your losses and hardships, so happy to hear of you being strong and getting back up! I'm sure your parents would be very proud and happy for you, I wish you all the best!