Letter From Jay

I lost my parents 6 years ago in a car accident, I have struggled to cope since but lately have been finding it unbearable. I'm 13 and some days I just want my mum. My brother jay looks after me and he tries his best but I just seem to rebel against him and screw up or I shut him out completely. I wanted to tell him how I am feeling and what is going on so he knows that I don't mean to shut him out and I love him. I struggle to get words out sometimes so I thought writing a letter would be easier. He read it and hugged me and told me he loves me, and then he wrote me a letter back, he said its so I can see how he feels on paper and I can read it whenever I need comfort. This is what he wrote to me...

My dearest little Sophie

You are my favourite person in the whole world, I love you so much I just hope you realise you mean the world to me. I know you have been through a hard time and suffer unbearable pain, I will do anything and everything to ease that pain and put a smile on your face. I also want you to know that I have been hurt too and so I understand your suffering more than you will ever know, if you let me in I know that we can help each other through.

I am sorry that I have to be tough with you, I am trying my best to raise you as mum and dad would have wanted. I would love nothing more than to just be your big brother and enjoy spoiling you like every little girl should be. You need to know that you have never disappointed me, I worry sometimes that you will come to harm, but I am proud every second of every day to call you my baby sister. You are an amazing girl, one day I hope you will see how strong, sensitive and beautiful you are. I see so much of mum and dad in you, and that's how I know that they are with you every second. They are a part of you Sophie, they are inside and they love you.

You have a long way to go, you are still at the start of your journey but I will be there every single step holding your hand.

I am here for you. I love you.

Forever and always

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Wow some story but did your brother write that to you? Well if you cannot say to him how you feel because sometimes it is hard write it down you say you like to write. And remember your brother also has lost too him a bit more because it went brother brother to sorta father in one moment . You both have lost very important people in your life so you should be there for one another .

okay this made me teary eyed. I sincerely hope that you'll work it out with your brother, and I'm so sorry for your loss

So beautiful and touching. Sorry to hear about your loss. Message me if you ever want to talk.

Thanks :)

That is so beautiful, despite your very sad loss, you both do have each other. Always remember that your brother is always trying to do his best for you, while learning how to do it, as you both go on with life.
He is, and always will be the most important person in your life, love him, cherish him and try to give back to him the love he gives to you.
In that part of your life you are so lucky to have such a fabulous big brother!

I lost both my parents and my baby sister in a car accident. The pain was so raw. I also have a brother Jay :) and I reacted the same - I was angry and I was sad and I shut out everyone. He tries his best to look after me but he is also hurting and is angry too so sometimes there were conflict.
Know that this is all normal. Keep strong! You sound like a wonderful brave girl who has an amazing brother.

You want to check out your tenses my friend. Your profile says you are 26 - 30. You talk about your emotions in the past tense then claim your brother who miraculously is called Jay "tries his best"

Firstly if that age is correct you should be looking after yourself by now, and secondly the emotion and sense of loss never leaves you so should never be spoken about in the past tense. I also find it remarkable that your very first activity on EP should be this post. You are fake and targeting the feelings of a young girl. If you want to sue me for saying that then provide proof and I'll gladly retract it.

A touching and meaningful letter.

I'm so sorry that ur parrents died nd I lost my baby sis

Wow I'm so sorry for your lost. Though it seems like you have a very loving brother who loves you very much. You seem like a very strong girl! To have a brother like that is a blessing!!!! Stay strong!

I wish I had a brother like Jay.

so beautiful. i read so many nasty things on here. this is so sad but so beautiful. you lost so much but at least you still have him

Thanks x

Sophie, You are so very blessed to have a brother as wonderful as Jay. One day you will also have the additional blessing of having a sister-in-law to love you too like Mia. Please really think about what Jay put in his letter. The best qualities in you are those that came from your parents. Like Jay said, they truly live on through you dear Sophie. It is a very sad part of life that bad things happen to good people. I lost my brother when he was only ten. You never just get over it, because they were someone special in your life. What you do is you honor their memory, by living up to your potential and being all that you can be, having the joy and happiness that they would want for you. There love is also still present in the feelings your brother has for you. Sophie don't ever lose your sweet smile, because my dear you are truly a treasure. In Psalms 139:14, we are taught that we are beautifully and wonderfully made, and Sophie that is the truth. Take care and God bless!

Thanks Dan, I re read his letter whenever I'm feeling down and it helps to remind me. I'm lucky to still have jay and Mia and I know that. Thanks for your support. Sophie

So sweet, you have a good brother... you should make him proud of you :)

you are amazing, just keep going. chin up :Dx

Thanks :)

You have a good brother and it sounds like you two have each others backs :)

oh my god that just made me have a lovely brother keep him close!

I lost my mum 3 months before I got married one new years day to cancer I miss her every day you have a one in a million brother that really loves you and he and im sure your parents would be proud of you you will be ok trust me lol

Thanks, he is a good brother :)

Great brother.

woow..i'm sorry for your lost..but u have an angel!!

You are very lucky to have a brother who cares for you. If it's hard to say things in words communicate more in writings, and maybe later both of you can figure out how u can say things in words-- ask for his help. I feel the love the love of siblings , both of u are in a tough situation, but your brother is so compassionate to understand u more so be the same with him. Express in writing evryday that u appreciate what he's been doing. Being teen is the critical stage and that's the age u need more guidance. Do things that would interest both of u like going to libraries or watching a movie then u can share what u think of the movie- maybe it would be a start for u to talk more with ur brother. Help out in the kitchen or cook together-- something that both of u will feel good after doing a task, or even cleaning. It's hard at first but give it a try. Coz your brother loves u so much .

In all your effort, put Christ into it. He sure knows how to comfort people.

Reading this made me want to cry!no one can understand you better than the one that knows your pain.Thank God...thank God indeed!?

Sorry for your loss. Sure the love you have for your siblings keeps you both going..♥♥♥

A very touching story indeed. Life can be harsh and tough sometimes, however, while it takes away somethings it also tends to compensate for the sufferings it has inflicted. I guess your bro is one of the many good things life has to offer to make u happy. Best of luck to both you and Jay. Our prayers and thoughts are with you..

Sophie, I can not imagine how hard it must be to have lost your parents. There are not words to express how grieved I am for you and all children who have lost their parents either by death or by abuse and neglect. I so wish I could give every child's parents back to them and that they would be the loving, caring, nurturing, and strong parents that children need. As i can not do that, I will ask God to be the Mother and Father you need. No one will ever replace your parents, and that need and ache for them may always exist. I pray that our Heavenly Father will fill that ache in your heart with His overflowing love, and that He will help both you and your brother.

You and your family are beautiful, I'm sorry for your lose, but your brother sounds like a great guy. Continue to write, I'm sure it will help in a small way. God bless you.

Hi Darling,
Yes you have lost some most important people, however you still have Jay, just think of how he feel too and you will understand more. He needs you as much as you need him. Build each other up by giving compliments and the letter he wrote shows hes not going anywhere. I know you are hurting and it feels very bad but if you could just step out of yourself a few minutes each day and think of all the things that are coming your way that are good and things you want, then it will help. Remember dying is all part of life wether it is an accident or not. Your parents knew this and I am sure they would want you to go forward and learn to love and not be stuck. Each day with the sun rise will be a new and beautiful day to begin and move forward.

Sorry for your loss.
You have the most loving brother in the world...I wish you the best days in life..and happy memories to cherish..

I'm so sorry for your loss, but it sounds like you have one of the most amazing brothers' in the universe. Treasure what you do have.

Thanks, I agree he is amazing x

thanks a lot for sharing your story!! don't worry god is wit u!!!!

nothing to worry about!!! its only ur brother scolding u!!

I am so sorry for your loss.
I can not begin to understand what you are going through in some sorts.
Please try to continue to build your relationship with your brother. You both will continue to help each other heal. My heart goes out to you darling. & thank you for sharing this painful but moving story.