My mom died on her birthday, 19th March 2014 after being in hospital for eight days..that was a devastating shock to us all. Than my dad died on the 19th August 2014, exactly five months later... Its crazy how my parents deaths came so quickly and unexpected...
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Similar case, please reach out if there is support we can provide to eachother

I totally understand. My parents passed 10 months apart. Both from cancer . I took care of dad for a year. Went home got a phone call from an aunt a week after I got home and had to go back and take care of mom. She passed quickly. But the pain is doubled when they pass that close together.

So I feel for you. And I hope you have found the peace like I have in the memories that we had when they was here

I know how you feel lost mine 4 months apart this year it's very hard 🙏

Yes, it is a very devastating thing. I went through something very similar. Losing my mom was the worst.

who u calling a lair

yes it is very hard on a family

oh its been along ago but still think of him everyday just try and think bout what he would want me to do and always think bout the good times we had

hi yes it is crazy my dad died on his birthday march 17th unexpected am sorry for your loss am here if you ever just need to talk

Hi there... Thank you and I'm sorry for your loss too... How have you been coping with your dad's death since his passing?

For me, my moms death was really heart wrenching... Everything happened so fast and it broke my family apart..