Im Left Alone

I lost my mother in june 2008 to cancer, i was 21 years old then, n now at 23 i have lost my father just a day ago, truly parents are the biggest suport, n treasure in everyone's life. I feel like the only two people in this world who used to pray for me and love me unconditionally are gone...and I am apprehensive about the future...

SunnyB SunnyB
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

My mom died in June 2008 of cancer too I was 26. My Dad, although I hadn't seen him since I was 9; we talked on the phone, was killed in a car accident this past July. It is very odd to be without your parents and recently I have questioned my situation and why my life is this way. But even though its extremely painful and hard you have to stay positive and remember all the things they taught you. To be honest I don't think the feeling of void ever goes away you just cope with it better as time goes forth. Just stay focused on doing what would have made them proud because even though they are gone you are not.

I know how you feel. I lost my dearest mother six months ago. I am lost. I feel like a giving up. whtohout my mother, I don't feel like living. all my dreams are shattered. there is no hope. but I am still living because I love my life, I know how precious it is but temptation to quit is so much. I am tired.