Does It Really Worth It?

I posted this as a question too, i hope there's no problem...

Lately i've been losing my faith on humanity. There is people who are really good people, but is a minority, and they do nothing to change the way hings are. I see everywhere in nature that life is much more functional if there's no questioning, if there's no mind. Ants for an example, i guess we'll never see an ant wondering why the queen is the boss and why it has to obey, we humans have to question everything, in the case someone gets the world working ok, there will always be someone that want to bring it down just because, maybe we will be better without feelings, and without minds. Maybe humanity's fate is to create machines, without expiration and without feelings, much more functional than humans, and we will need to die in order to pass the torch to a superior being. Maybe we're already going down, i just can hope it's over soon.

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Haven't seen you around in a long while man... Are you still around here?<br />
<br />
I wish i could just focus on my little corner... But i can't, i can't live happily everafter in my corner of my world, because i know there's value out there going to waste... I can't stop thinking about the world....

My dear Jafet...<br />
Try beginning with something smaller than the world; perhaps your own little corner of it?<br />
When we look at larger things, or ideas, or 'movements' as a whole, there is always much left to be desired; a little exercise may help:<br />
Whatever the situation, work backwards from what IS, and try to figure out how it got that way.<br />
You can do it in your own life, with your own habits- it's a good exercise to do!

I try to look at the brightside always too, i try to live and enjoy everyday i live and i do, but everytime i wonder where's humanity going i can't help to get dissapointed, and desperated because there's nothing i can do, i want to get people to see that the world need changing, that we have to think about the future of humanity, but the people that is in charge only see for themselves, and the rest of people resign to just live their lifes. I can't take it anymore, my mind's naggin' me all the time, because is a fact that things are wrong, and i just can't turn the other way.

Yeah sometimes i wonder why we all do the things we do, and it hardly makes sense. We're all just trying to get by so we just have to accept it. I just always keep a positive outlook and try to have fun in the midst.