Quick Buck

I have lost my faith in people. Today while I left work at 9PM, while it was pouring rain outside. These folks, a man outside and a girl inside a car, asked for help. I took off my head phones and went to them. The man pleaded for cash to put into his gas tank; of course I was hesitant, but they seemed in real trouble. Plus it was nasty raining weather and the guy was just standing near his car. Then I asked his wife to show me that they had no gas....and they didn't have anything. The girl said that they had a baby at home. So of course I gave them a 20 buck bill to pay for gas, and they said they would call me to repay me. But of course, when i called......no answering machine just a pre paid phone. 

People are willing to pose as if they are in trouble, in the pouring rain to get a quick buck. What has this world gotten into? Lies and deceit.

Xadorus Xadorus
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

Where I work, we get this often. I live in a city area and there a lot of homeless people. It breaks my heart. But, I would suggest $5 next time. It's not so hard to give up five bucks to help someone out, but $20 is a little steep.