Everyone Seems The Same

i have a couple short stories on this subject:

the first story well an old friend of mine had lived a couple miles away and one day he knocked on my door asking for a drink because he had been biking all day, i get him the drink and he takes my cell phone out of my room and runs with it and then goes home and buys all these ringtones and make all these calls from across the street to across the world, cost me a 300 dollar phone bill


the second story is there was the girl i liked and we were talking and she just got a boyfriend so one day i called because i hadnt heard from hear and she told me hear boyfriend was coming to pick her up she would call me back tonight well that never happend and so a couple months later i called her to see if everything on her end was all good and she said the same thing ill call you back well guess what never happend 

so i have really lost my faith in people, now dont get me wrong there are some people who have good hearts and mean well and i am lucky to know outside of my family one guy who has a good heart and means well

thelostdreamer thelostdreamer
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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

people will always let you down, dont expect people to be nice to you just because . they are taking advantage of you because you let them. why did you let that guy take your phone and do what he felt with it.<br />
<br />
and the girl was just playing you. she was not interested you so she led you on to keep you there just in case she ever needed you. thats why she didnt tell you to your face that she wasnt interested in you<br />
<br />
i hope you dont get offended because im being so foward but its the truth<br />
<br />
anyways i hope this helps good luck!