I just feel as if, for me, there is no reason to live. I don't have any talents, though I've reached out to many things (examples include multiple sports, drawing, writing, acting, math, etc, etc) and haven't found anything I'm good at. I am surrounded by so many people that have true talent and are lovable, likable people and I feel as if I'm the complete opposite of them, as if they have futures and I don't. I guess it's like there were so many other wonderful, productive people out there and I am just a dud. That being said I feel as if I've been put in this position that has to options: tough out life, not really enjoying it or actually accomplishing anything worth a damn or kill myself. But even if I choose the latter of the two I still have to wait many agonizing years in this self aware state that I don't mean very much to the world. So I'm just stuck.
Do any of you guys feel this way?
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I know it sounds like the biggest and most ridiculously annoying cliche but you're not alone in this. I've been feeling like this for years (I am 21 now (female)). To be honest I don't really have any advice about it, but reading what you said somehow made me feel a little less alone, knowing that someone else is feeling the same way. I know I don't know you but I'm sure you're not a 'dud'. Life throws the most ridiculously depressing obstacles in our way and sometimes it feels like everyone else seems so much happier than I am or that they're so much more successful etc… I guess, given our age groups, there are tons of people feeling this way that just mask it from everyone else. I recently told my best friend some of what I was feeling and she was completely shocked because she said that I seemed fine most of the time. We're still young, and there's a lot of life that we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of yet. Keep trying to find your talents :) Maybe you're just looking too hard and forcing it that your talent hasn't found its way to the surface just yet.

Either way, just know that there are other people like us out there, and please don't do anything drastic! I think that a big part of growing up is the realisation that not everyone is going to be the best designer or musician or poet or actor or academic etc… and that we don't have to impact loads of people for our lives to be meaningful. Recently I've come to believe that though meaning a great deal to a few people like family or a single friend, we are leaving enough of an impact in the world.

Keep your chin up :) and be safe x

Hi, i am here for you. Truly