Accomplishment That Feels Like It Leads To Nowhere

I have struggled with my weight all my life. My heaviest I was at 225lbs and I am only 5'2". Last year I had decided enough was enough and I needed to do something about it. So I started counting calories and doing a 20 minute workout and 30 minute walk everyday. I am now down to 150 pounds and so desperately want to lose my last 25 pounds. There is one minor set back to me doing all this. I feel more self conscious than ever. I feel now that if I don't continue to lose more weight that I am ugly. I know that I am not but my insecurities like to take over. It is so frustrating and I hate that I let myself get that way. It feels like it was all for nothing cause I still don't feel confident. I think it is because even though I have lost all this weight I still have an ugly face.
22-25, F
5 Responses Mar 20, 2012

Looking at your pic here...I don't see ugly. I've lost 35 lbs. since January...congrats to you for you weight loss!!!

I weigh 286 pounds & I am 13 years old and I struggle with my weight & I look at people at my school that ate sizes 0 & 2's. & it kills me on the inside.I am 5'9 & I am determined to loose 115 pounds at the most.Because of your story I want to try to loose 115 pounds before next year.

sorry you don't feel happy with your accomplishment. You've already lost a lot of weight, you should feel good because of that, but I get what you mean that you don't. Overcoming those kinds of problems, self esteem and other things, is incredibly difficult. But it can be done with much effort and time, if you don't let yourself be weak, if you don't let yourself fall prey to those bad thoughts in your head, but instead fight them off and tell yourself you will fight until you overcome this, you can do it, it'll just take time and dedication. That's how I did it.

Congratulations at making the changes necessary to improve your health. It looks like your body may have gotten used to your work out routine. It is time to change things up and maybe try going for a swim 3 days a week and an intense power walk the other days of the week. You want your body to respond and change. Confidence comes from within. You should look at the things you are most proud of like the weight loss and other things. Knowing that you can and have succeeded should give you some confidence. Knowing that you have done this means that you will also succeed at other things you might consider undertaking in the future. Be happy and be patient with yourself.

Sweetie I think you are a beautiful person, and I know you are very special to have lost that much weight , wow ,go buy you some new clothes, and walk proud, not too many people can say they have lost that much weight, I know it was very hard work.I myself have lost 104 lbs and still need to lose about 125 more, honey God loves you, dont even worry about what other people think, only worry about what God thinks. Smile and be proud of who you are .