Changing of Habits

In my early 30's, one of my Dr's decided to make a deal with me. She said loose 100 pounds and I'll ask the insurance to pay for a breast reduction (no lie, I was 300 pounds, with a 44G bra size).

Of course, I had to think about it, seems like too much worse, but she was correct. I really hated my chest, got in the way of doing everything, and I spend most of my time at home because of it. I also got a lot of not-so-appropriate comments of the streets.

One of the ladies at work, also with a weight problem, went with me and we joined the gym together. We started the workout program that very same night. I had eaten a King size Snickers bar (500+ calories) along with a bunch of other things I shouldn't have. I decided the best approach, since I didn't have a trainer was to work off the candy. As you can see I didn't know much about dieting then. I had tried before, but each attempt was really just half-a**ed if you know what I mean.

At 300 pounds, and your first work out, you can really only do the bike. I was on that thing for hours. Who would have thought you had to work that hard to compensate for the eating of the giant snickers. I've not had a king size anything since. Come to think of it, I hate Snickers!

I lost quite a bit, and then it stopped. I still had to lean how to eat properly, so I took a class at the local community college (well worth the 30 bucks  - and I got an A). Weight loss continued an as the Dr promised at my 100 pound goal. I got my breast reduction. Really nice plastic surgeon, and he encouraged me to continue.

So, I'm now down to 145 and holding. I can get smaller, I did a few years ago get down to 130's but started passing out. Seems even though the BMI charts think I should be 105 they are wrong. I've had a second surgery (tummy tuck) and would like to have a bit more work done... but I'm 40. Perhaps I shouldn't bother.

This is my story, there is no need for stomach stapling or bypasses, only determination and the knowledge of nutrition. My blood pressure, blood work etc are all perfect now. I walk up mountains (hiking) bike for up to 40 miles at a time, and I'm really busy making up for all that lost time.

For those who are just beginning to diet - instead of setting a weight goal - make your goal health and a long exciting life. If you need help... ask I'm always more than willing to give advice - but know this. I won't BS you. It's very hard work.

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Congrats !!!

I could of sworn I read this in an online article.

I enjoyed your real story, I'm of they opinion, that we are all capable of these fantastic outcomes. Your insight and other's have helped me set a course into fixing myself with gods' guidence. And with better choices..going forward!!

That's excellent work welldone! and its actually been good to read somone's experience for once too (instead of fishing for sympathy). thank you.

Wow, congrats, I too have lost 100+ It is very hard work to get it off. And even harder to maintain, you are inspiration to us all.

i agree with everyone else, you have inspired a lot of people with your story. i have about 50+ pounds to lose to get to my idea weight for my age and height. and to work on that belly fat of mine. but my only problem is that i need the motivation to exercise, like someone to walk with just something to keep<br />
me from thinking about the word "exercise" and to just keep exercising, and i have nobody to do that. do you have any advice on what i can do to keep myself going, what did you do that made you wanna exercise., and finally, if you dont mind me asking, what did you eat that helped you lose all this weight.

You are an inspiration! I can so relate...I am 15 years older though. I wish I had the will power you do!! I think keeping up a blog is a great idea too! Thanks!!!

Congratulations! Do you have any idea how many years you have added to your life with this life style change? I don't even know you, yet I'm so very proud of you! Good For You!! Great Job!!

Awesome post! Good for you! Congrats! I need to lose around 100 myself, but its been so very difficult for me to do that, or to have the motivation to get started! You would think taking a handful of bp meds every morning would be enough.

wish i could lost 100 or maybe 80 lbs but congradz on all your hard work :)

wow,,, like listening in the mirror... I am 300 lbs and about same breast size... been really hard up and down dieting... your story is encouraging... thank you really done a great job,I'm now 180 pounds,I wanna lose about 60pounds as i'm a not very tall Asian girl,if I lose 60 pounds it would be great. I've just started a few days ago,but all I can do was cutting down on my food. I walk to U everyday,although I sweat a lot on the trips but it doesn't help much... I live in an apartment now,I wonder if you can give me suggestions on the exercise I can do at home,without much jumping (my lower floor neighbour will complain lol). I'm doing a bit of dancing and aerobic,but I wonder if that's enough,I don't seem to sweat very much from the work out... And I wonder if you could share your food plan with me :)

Go girl, I Iost 125

Oh wow, you look great! Keep on inspiring others! This country really needs you!

congrats! You Look amazing!

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!You are an inspiration :)

I am so envious. I don't know what my mental block is .. I need to lose 60 lbs.. i used to be the tall thin woman who always got compliments and over the past 10 years my weight has really gone up.... <br />
i want to feel good again... that is wonderful.. I need some motivation.. and i don't know where to find it

My thanks to all. It's nice to be congratulated and supported. I've gotten a few emails that I should write a blog, that perhaps it would help people. So I am considering it. It might help me... this is an ongoing (life long) war I intend to win.

WOWOWOWOWOW!! WOW! Well done! May you keep it up - as long as you are feeling healthy and happy. Who cares if you're 40 ? Haven't you heard they say that life begins at 50? Or is it that OLD is always 10 years away? Whatever! Just enjoy the feeling of being healthy and active. It's an inspiration. Please post your tips and advice gained from your experience, I'm sure it will help so many - maybe on your blog?...<br />
Well done yet again.

Congratulqtions, I wish for your long term continued success.<br />
<br />
<br />
Maybe some day I will over come the cruelty of others.

Congratulations, that's awesome! :D<br />
<br />
I'm borderline normal weight, 23 and am around 150 at 5'6". I want to lose 20 pounds (I was 135 earlier this year briefly) but don't have the motivation.

That's so amazing! Great job! This is very motivating... I have around 75 lbs to lose... It's so hard to stick with it, bit stories like this are really encouraging!

This is a great accomplishment! Congratulations!

i also have lost over 100+ pounds but my problem all ill eat now most of the time is low fat or fat free food...losing weight gets addictive..