I am so upset I want a baby sooo badly I had one natural misscarriage in Dec 19.. My boyfriend cried so hard, and so did I .. We noticed I was pregnant like a short time after we misscarried one, and i was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant when my mom slipped me abortion pills, which she told me if she ever got word i was she would kill it, and she wouldnt be embarrassed by it,. my bfs aunts just had theres like 3 weeks apart theres a 15 year old girl whose pregnant here and so is my science teacher.. I want one so very badly. But he is like we can always make one but we have the rest of our lives to be together and to have oen... but i want one too, but we are just not ready.. i was so sad but he is like if honest to god you want one we can make one. i wish what we've been through didnt happen but i cant change that but i can see us in the future having one... I get so depressed.. I dont know i want one but in the back of my head is "WHAT IF....IT HAPPENS AGAIN!!" I dont want that to happen... i freak when he is not using a condom. Im scared that i will but i just dont know if we are really ready but i want one so badly.. I dream about it... think about it... its always in the back of my head!!!




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you will never know if you are fully ready until it happens just make sure you and your boyfriend are stable and its your lives no one elses just remember you cant plaese everyone so dont worry or try to so sorry for what happened but i guess you be thankful that you've learned something from that experience and may be next time you should be holistically ready so that you will achieve what you really want...think critically and just be healthy for you to be more prepared...or may be you can go or approach someone who can help you...for you to be emotionally prepared...

i had a fit heallthy son nearly 10 pound 16 days over and i lost my second , i felt evrything you do but my husband does not want to try again , what i am trying too say is just because it has happened once does not mean it might happen again stay healthy take folic acid and do not think about it well try x