I Don't Think I Will Stop Crying

3 years later and still beaks my heart to see my babys picture. Its the hardest thing in the world when every body is jumping for joy over there baby and I don't have mines.
My little Baby Vincent was born on March 3, 2009 and passed away on March 20, 2009. He had a genetic desease called christmas tree syndrome. Although we knew it was goin to be tough we had faith he was goin to get better. I spent every day in the hostipal with my papas but after 2 surgeys hes little body couldn't handle it and he passed away. When we got the call he was already on life support and nothing more could be done. He took his last breath in my arms and I havent stopped crying since. I try to block it out when it gets too real. I honestly don't know how to handle all the emotions. I deep down know it was for his best, hes not suffering anymore but it still hurts to know I wont see him grow up.
I dont talk about it because I don't want to make any one uncomfortable when they don't know what tell me. So I cry when I'm alone. Its proably not the best advice but I like to suffer in silence.
If you guys have any better advice please I could really use it
jesssmeeh jesssmeeh
1 Response May 17, 2012

Jesssmeeh, I understand how you feel, I just lost my son on the 26th of June. He lived 65 minutes and died in my arms as well. People DO get uncomfortable but I want to encourage you to not keep it all inside. Just because MOST people don't understand doesn't mean nobody does. There are support groups for us. We are only human, God never asked us to travel through this life alone, we all need shoulders to cry on and arms to hold us!