I Lost My Baby Boy Oliver At 28 Weeks

On the 20th I had my son, due to preclamser,but my story that hurts me is knowing that this could have been prevented. On the 15th nov I went in to labour, I live in a small town with a small hospital, they looked after me as best they could, they then sent me to a biger hospital only half hour away, where I was ment to have my 1st baby anyway. My town hospital had stopped my labour for my bubba was to early yet, I stayed in the bigger hospital where they watched me, I had a midwife come in and say we don't have any beds left for you, so we will have to send me home, I was ment to be there all weekend to make sure my baby was fine, and to get a ultrasound on Monday but they didn't want to keep me in so ur left. The next night at home at bout 9,50pm I stared to go back into labour, I rang both hospitals my hospital told me to go to the other hospital because if my son was to come they did not have the equipment to look after him, so I rang the big hospital, by the time I was on the fone to them I was screaming and crying in pain, I told one of the midwives what was going on and I got told to hold on y they go talk to some1 higher, half hour later she comes back and told me to take a panadol n try and sleep, I replyed what I'f something bad happens she had her say we don't like doing prem babies, and there's not enof beds, I hung up, my first baby scared for our lives, my partner helped me threw the pain for 5 hours untill it settled, but I had a feeling that things weren't right, Monday had come and I felt different, but I thought it was just being pregnant, by 12am tuesday morning I woke up with about 5 milk bottles of blood coming out of me with golf ball clots, I rang the big hospital I was scared,I told them and there reply was its normal for women to lose some blood befor the baby comes, I was rude and said my bed is soacked with blood and my labour pains were starting to hit hard, my partner was crying and scared we went to my town hospital where they checked the baby, he was fine, but for me I was dieing, the blood loss I was losing was killing me, I was there for 3 hours till the big hospitals Amos came to take me to the airport, to fly me to Melbourne, by the time I hit there it was to late I had lost my son, it's been 2 weeks and all I can think bout is y didn't that big hospital cut him out he could have been saved, I went to my g.p and hearing it from him that they could have saved my son but they were being lazy kills me. My son is dead. My little boy Oliver 1pound 6. It hurt knowing that they are to blame, it will never bring him back but my boy needs a voice, and I think the hospital should be sued for neglecting me. I put my faith in them, they had all the signs in front of them, my head akes, swollen feet, early labour, I had it all and they told me that I could have it, but there's no beds, they just built a new labour ward
there are no beds, yeah right there's always a bed. God rest his soul, he needs to be heared. RIP my baby boy Oliver born on the 20/11/2012 (dec)
6603oliver 6603oliver
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012