Can't Do School Anymore.

I dropped out of the best high school in my city and I cant get into any other school because of it. I am in a FreshStart program but I am having problems actually going to school for two reasons, one it's too far away, and two it is also the Catholic School Boards Pregnant and parenting teens support program/ school. I have trouble concentrating because of the amount of babies that are there.
NikkiAuger NikkiAuger
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I can't imagine the pain you are experiencing; please, let me say, how sorry I am for your tragic loss. Take time to grieve the loss of your child in your own special way and find support for you. Regarding your school situation, I can understand why it is hard for you and you are so brave for even giving it a shot. Have you tried cyber school? Are there any charter schools in your area that may better suit your educational needs? You must find local resources that are able to help you. If you have an adult you can trust seek them out for help. Otherwise see if there is a Planned Parenthood in your area (they helped me at your age), they may have information and resources for you. If not google, google, google looking for resources in your local town or city. Check for a nonprofit that will be able to provide information to you about getting back to school. Consider reaching out to the counselor at your old high school (it is their job). Good luck, keep your head up and keep fighting. Your education is the best thing you do for yourself.