I Have Lost My Faith In God

I am at odds with my faith i feel like its been a challenging life i have worked hard I have never neglected my wife or children with every spin of life. I have remained determined to overcome obstacles that is life for my own flaw of putting others first it seems again faith wants to test me. This year my wife went off to start a new Job we were excited and supportive has you would be the short of this story is one of the trainers decided he would off load his life trouble on my wife. out of pity and a good heart she gambled 25 years of our relationship it happened over 5 week period and i kinda knew something was wrong but how do you suddenly point the finger when we had such a loving relationship. as the dreadful truth unfolded I turned to god and asked what have me and my children done to deserve this I agree we all need to talk to someone thats why as a man I would meditate rather than trust a man from youthful experience were my heart was used against me.

I can understand people do like work mates and people get close I am here because my wife done the deed and thats what i am struggling with. she doesn't know why it happened but it did was this meant to make me stronger don't think so and old lady man had a life time of woe but couldn't explain and wished it hadn't happened  i haven't ruined his wife and children lives by exposing him my children don't know either what to do has god really finished me off here after all my dedication.

And if it helps and you find your at odds with your love one please make it clear you need to talk before it breaks down i am trying to get through betrayal I don't know  but its left me at odds with my Christian beliefs. Please remember good people don't sleep with other peoples partners they lend a hear to help.

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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

God has a plan for YOUR life. Earth has a lot of evil people in it (it's not supposed to be heaven).<br />
God tells you in His word that you WILL have troubles and trial on this earth. Suffering (if you accept it with the right attitude) builds character and strengthens faith. God answers prayers in HIS way and HIS timing - not ours and that's why His Word says "patience is a virtue". If we are to be conformed to the image of Christ then suffering MUST be included. Just as God had a purpose and a plan and a time for Christ's birth, life, death, burial and resurrection so he has a plan for each of us. Has not Christ died for you and forgiven you of YOUR sins, how are you going to pretend to follow Christ and refuse to forgive others? "Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping your enemy will die".<br />
He does not instruct us that we have to FEEL LIKE forgiving and we are in no way condoning the wrongs done to us by others, but in order to be a true follower of Christ, you have to CHOOSE to forgive.<br />
<br />
I've been through much suffering in this life and I was brought to the point to where I could run and let go of my faith in God, or I could stay and learn to TRUST God. I chose to stay where God had ALLOWED (not caused) me to be placed. My faith was increased ten fold and is worth more than "gold or rubies" to me. I have been with him 30 years now and I can testify that He has been faithful to me even when I have not been. HE HAS NEVER EVER LET ME DOWN and proven Romans 8:28 to me personally. He has taken the evil that has happened in my life and worked it for my good and His glory.<br />
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You must hang on and do things God's way - I promise you that you will never regret it!