True Is A Lie, But Lies Are Truth?

12, suffering, family apart, I prayed every day, listening to the teachers say "God will help you along the way." "Believe in god and you will be rewarded." after years of praying my life, my grades, my family were all in pieces. I was angry, dark, and a cold hearted person. Then that's when I Finally hit rock bottom.

Then one day, when I was 12 I changed the TV to the science channel, I decided to watch, see if I get smarter. I learned so much, my teachers were mad that I brought these "lies" here, I told them, right in their face, " you cant tell me what to do, if there was a god, he would have never made science." I was kicked out of church that day. . . I never came back.

Christians say science can't prove their ideas, I ask them can you? Scientist already proven how life started, in fact they even made the building blocks of DNA, with the same temperatures when earth was starting out. They already proven how the universe began (not the big bang), energy sometimes turns to matter, but for not very long. But with enough energy, you can make matter just like your hand, your room, Ect. Think about it, you say a book from years ago is true, what, if I make a book called "The Sanctum Verum" about a man who heard the creator's voice who called himself "Unum" is all real?

Over the days I also learned that this religion uses fear as a advantage, and killed many people for saying their religion is fake. And they say we're unholy, look at what they done! Don't be afraid of death, it's not what you think, RELIGIONS ARE ALL FALSE!! NO PROOF NO TRUTH!!

I don't really care if I kick out of this group, all I wanted is my voice heard.

I'm 13-15 years old
Xreo Xreo
May 4, 2012