Trying To Hold On

As bad as things may seem,the person that keeps me going is my daughter. She motivates me to wanna hold on even though my mind says give up. My baby girl makes me feel like regardless to everything, tomorrow always has the possibility to be better.
I just wish that the happy ending would come sooner than later. Because I don't know how much longer I can hold on. No money,no job,horrible living conditions,as well as not eating due to my lack of income is slowly breaking me. And worst,my daughter not being with me,its slowly killing me.Almost six months of this,I just want to know God is there. Because Im so hopeless,but hopeful at the same time. I gotta hang in there for my daughter.
LadyTYM1 LadyTYM1
31-35, F
1 Response May 15, 2012

I am also wavering in my faith in God's mercy and grace but with the remaining faith I have, I am praying on your behalf that God gives you favor. I am praying with all my heart and soul for you. Your story has touched me deeply. You are such a fighter! You give me hope because despite those who have tried to destroy you, you are still hanging on. I ask that Jesus favor you with a steady job, a place to live and most importantly your reunion with your little girl. I ask that everyone who has come to this site because of bitterness and disappointment with God (self included) put it aside to collectively pray for LadyTYM1 and her little girl.

Thank you so much doll,your prayers mean so much to me,as well as your kind words. And you are in mines as well. I pray things get better for us all sooner than later.

World is nasty place and pain and wickedness of people is not choosy. But I like what I see - the will to carry on even thou it is not easy.
I too have doubts of God's will but I want to join up to this prayer of hope for LadyTIM1. Maybe this is what needs to be done for more than one to join up in prayer.