What Is The True God?

I've never asked God for happiness. I've never asked him for money, or sex, or even faith. All I've ever asked him for is to know that what I'm doing is right. I've been good and kind and thoughtful and generous. And all I've gotten in return is irony as my constant companion my entire life. It's proof God exists and that he's male because I can hear him laughing his *** off up there, and there's no way a female God would find this funny.
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No God is not laughing at you. You are forgetting that God has an Enemy, and that is who causes you grief.

The devil does not put people on trial. The devil makes it easy. He just hands you the fruit and say eat it, it's delicious. None of these temptations has ever been easily offered to me. If they had been, I would have indulged, and probably felt better about myself.

God is the one who puts us on trial. He drove Abraham to break his own heart in raising his hand against his own son, as he has broken my heart time and time again. Only once Abraham had surrendered himself to that evil act did God made his purpose known. He knows I will not submit to evil, and yet refuses to reveal to me my purpose, or grant me any satisfaction in this life. And that is more amusing to him than any human written sitcom.

Oh my! you have been taught incorrectly, very incorrectly.

No, you GRAVELY mis-understand The Lord. God IS Love. And, He loves
us with a perfect, tender, gracious, constant LOVE. He did not drive Abraham to heartbreak. He led Abraham to perfect obedience, the perfect obedience of the potential sacrifice of his son. This act by Abraham CREATED the spirit of obedience within the human race that would grow over time and eventually be fulfilled in the sacrifice of the Son of God, for our redemption. The initial act of obedience (to potentially sacrifice his son) was necessary as a precursor, so that the sacrifice of CHRIST would eventually occur.

Your purpose is the same as everyone else on the planet and that is simply to LOVE IN EVERYTHING YOU DO. It does not matter so much WHAT you do, but HOW you do it. In every small decision, chose the most loving thing you can do, do whatever is caring to others. In this way, you might never know WHERE you are going, but if you always chose to be charitable, then you will end up where God wants you to be, in the long run. None of us needs to know God's plan, we only need to submit to His desire, which is to love God and love neighbor - the 2 greatest commandments.

God does not menace us, satan does.

Wow! This is such a beautiful response! Very heartfelt and it blessed me even though my faith isn't in question!

Yes, thank you for your thoughtful response. I posted my rant because I want (need) to hear what people think. It is not a matter of what I've been taught, but a result of what my experiences, or lack thereof, have made me feel. I've done some great things, and have accomplished a lot, and done what I thought was right. But the operative word is thought, not known. As I said originally, I want to KNOW what is right for me. 48 years old, and no revelation for me. If not now, when? I'm getting tired of waiting, and wondering.

You will not KNOW. Only God will know. That's just how it is. This is where prayer and trust and love come into play. PRAY to do His will. TRUST that He will guide you. LOVE others along the way. We are all limited to not KNOWing His Plans.

Sky god IS the enemy

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God desires you to trust in His Will. And His will is for you to Love God and Love your fellow human beings, to believe Jesus and trust in His Atonement for your forgivness and eternal salvation.

Believing and trusting in Jesus is the first thing you should be doing. All the rest is just our efforts at decoration.

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