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It's been going on ten years since I stopped believing in Christianity and it's variants.  I was at a church in a small town watching people I have never had any respect sing praises unto the lord or whatever and I realized that my whole life that I thought they were idiots and that I was too intelligent to continue believing in the fantasy that they believe in.

For 8 years of my adult life I have awakened from the fantasy that there is a man in the sky guiding the outcome of our lives.  At first it was upsetting and I felt so empty inside.  After a time it passed.  When you place your faith in something external you are getting away from the fact that life is happening right here and now that every moment you can choose to do something to improve it or not.  At some point in the future we all face death and when we look back on our lives lets hope we can look back without regret.

I decided to post in this group because I see a lot people trolling this group, trying to "help" those who have "lost their way" or whatever... It's so pathetic of you people to do so.  When someone gives up the fantasy it makes it just that much harder to go on believing in the lies yourself and that's why it burns you up inside, you know it's absurd deep down inside.  How about justify your own faith internally without trying to spread it as a selfish means to help you go on believing it yourself.

There are people who are hurting, who have a gaping hole now because they decided to think for themslves instead of believing in a fantasy.  It doesn't matter how logical the decision is, it still feels weird at first.  To those of you have recently lost your faith, it will get better.  You will feel better in the long run.  The antidote to the newfound emptiness is seizing every moment of every day.

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I definitely agree your statement. Believing in a certain God it is a consequence of the fact that people need limits. It is indeed an act of superiority, if you are able to decide for yourself "the right way", without being pushed to a certain kind of living.

I don't know about that. I don't think believing in God gets in the way of living right here and right now. It's not that black and white to me. But that's just my opinion.<br />
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I'm glad you have found your way. Life's so much better when you know where you're standing.

When someone has "lost their faith", they will find in its place REALITY and truth. There's nothing wrong with that. It happened to me years ago, I do not pray. I have studied many different religions since I was a child and am not ignorant. People who think and live by faith are losing out on part of their lives, wasting their time, and eventually, they will 'see the light', when they die, just like everyone does, and then, they will know, it was all a fantasy, and religion is a myth of biblical proportions.