God Is A Liar

I have been a devout Christian for fifteen years.  In thirteen of those years I have been working at a company were we have to reach a quota every day.  I have been praying to God for all thirteen years to help me be succesful in my work and help me reach quota.  Up until now He has still not answered my prayer, I mean come on, how long must one keep on praying.  (I believe now that praying is actually really begging).  Other people who are not christians and those who do not serve Him are always succesful.  Do not get me wrong, I do not wish for them to be unsuccesful.  But I payed my tenths, did so much for God and served him with everything.  God just chose not to help me.  The other people don't even help the needy, but they always succeed.  It's amaizing how the wicked always have a prosperous life, but Christians always have to suffer and just keep on thanking and praising God like fools for all the blessings, but I believe it is the wicked who are really blessed

God's word says that without faith it is impossible to please Him, but when you use your faith and He just ignores your prayes and you start loosing your faith?  Because of God not helping me succeed, I have lost my faith in Him, I thought it was His will for His children to succeed and be prosperous, not that I ever wanted to be a millionnaire or anything.  Yes, and I know that Christians will also have hard times, but that is no excuse for God to ignore His childrens cries for help.  I was happy with my salary and greatful that I had a job, but all I wanted was to know that God was also Lord at my work, that He was with me at work.  That is all I ever wanted, was for God to be my God and for me to serve Him.  He has just plainly ingored my pleas and cries of despaire.

My question is now, that He has not answered my prayer, what is His excuse for not helping me.  Is He going to tell me one day that it was Satan who prevented me from being succesful?  Isn't that wonderful?  Put the blame on someone else for not doing what was asked of you.  I do believe God exsists and I believe Jesus and the Holy Spirit exist, but I believe now that we have been put here on this earth for Their amusement.  I just do not believe anything God says anymore, I believe He is a liar and that most of the Word of God is all lies.  At the moment I have so much hatred for God, pity we can not fire Him and select a god who REALLY cares about his people

God took my faith away and because I have no faith in Him and have stopped serving Him I am now doomed for hell.  I believe God pushes people away from Him like this, by destroying their faith because then He can send them to hell, afterall His word does say that only a handful will make it into heaven.  I believe that if everyone on this planet had to give their lives to Chist, that God would be in for a crisis, because there is not enough room up in heaven for everyone on this planet
This is now about fours years later since I wrote the first part. I will now update you on what has happened since.  Yes, God still never answered my prayer about being succesful at work.  We worked on a telephone and did market research, no selling, just gathering info.  The person next to me would dial the first number and have the respondent she is looking for answering the phone and is willing to do the telephonic interview,  Me I phone thirty numbers, all I get is no reply, wrong numbers ect.  I have dialled 30 numbers with no success.  By that time the person next to me already has four interviews by touching about 9 numbers.  why does she get all the good numbers and me all the bad numbers.  And this is an everyday story.  I hardly every reached my targets and would receive warnings about loosing my job if I do not improve.  I did loose the job.  Before you say that God probably did not want you in that job, well He gave me the job.  It just shows that when a child of His asks for something He DOES give them a a snake, so much for Him knowing and taking care of our needs
My brother does courier work and for years he is always trusting God to take care of his finances.  There is never enough work for him to earn the amount of money he needs every month.  We have to hear every month how he does not have enough money and this is for things he needs to live on, not luxuries.  Then we help him out with money because God is too selfish to help him.  He however still loves and serves God and every month trusts God with his finances, that God will give Him enough money in his salary and this has been going on for about eight years.  I think he is stupid crying out to a God with no mercy and still having faith in the coward.
I'm done serving a god that only wants us to serve Him, but is not there when you need him.
I feel so sorry for Judas Iscariot.  We all know that it was prophesised that Jesus would be sold for 30 pieces of silver.  This prophecy HAD to take place otherwise God/God's word would be a lie.  So God needed someone to betray Jesus and unfortunately Judas was chosen.  After he betrayed Jesus, the poor man commited suicid and will probaly burn in hell forever for what he did.  All that punishment for carrying out God's will?  If God had not wanted Jesus betrayed then Judas might still have a had a better life while he was on earth
I believe we are all pupets on God's stage and he just ***** around with us as he pleases.  And the verse where it says Ï will make my plans, but God will direct my steps".  Well all God does is bugger up your plans.  All you people who read this, if God is not answering your prayers then he is never going to answer them.  STOP being a fool and making an *** of yourelf by keep asking Him for something you are going to get.  If you want something go get it yourself.  When you do get something stop giving God all the glory, because he does not deserve the glory.  You probaly got what you wanted yourself without God's help.
I do have a new job now.  God gets no glory from me here.  I got the job on my own.  It's a nice relaxed job where God can't shunt me around to his amusement anymore.  Be careful out there, without me to shunt arond he will be looking for someone new to shunt around and yes, unfortunately it Will be some poor christian who gave his live to Him

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Majority of these stories sound like #1 no real relationship with God. Aa confusion of doing "good works" to receive what you want. #2 having a desire for something so desperately that your making that desire your God because your allowing it to change you and be larger than God or His word. And #3 lack of understanding Gods word, self interpretation. You guys gotta understand if you truly serve God its not to expect something back in return its because you realize He saved your life and you hold that high and you serve Him in gratitude. Also if you have a relationship with Him then at some point He tried to speak back to you and help you understand that maybe what you desired either wasn't for you because He has better or it was gonna hurt you instead of bless you, or you weren't prepared for it yet. He knows you in and out and He knows your future. He knows everything, His ways and thoughts are not like ours. If you give up on God then you are being just like many other "christians" that actually turn and push people off from Him and Who HE REALLY is. Also remember not everything is God or the Devil, we also do things but if you take it to God( that's the best part of being a believer)He will help us through it. Unbelievers don't have any hope. I ask you, self examine yourself and your faith and see wether you were even really a believer. If you were then repent and ask God to speak to you, get in His word and ask the Holy Spirit to give you interpretation wisdom knowledge and understanding. But if you were never a believer then I challenge you to truly give your life to Christ and grow a real relationship with Him. It won't always feel easy but we don't live by emotions its by His Holy Spirit. If you have departed from God and have no conviction and feel no difference from when you served Him, my friend you were never a true believer. We don't live to do good works that will outweigh our bad or that will gain a place in heaven we live to be transformed and filled with Gods Holy Pirit so that through our lives man will see God and reconcile with Him. God Bless you

I barely skimmed the first paragraph and I dare not read further, even Job has gone through more and he had the right to question God but in the midst of it all God was still God to him. Prayer is not for God to satisfy your needs, and if it is anyone's fault it is the devil who is lying to you about who God is.

I think you are a little wimp, just look at what you wrote and stop crying. Grab your pants and walk straight like a real man, or woman, I don't know what you are. Every time you want to accuse God for your little nuisances, look around you.

You have food on the table, you have oxygen to breath, you were born in one of the greatest country in the world. You have to legs, two arms, two hands, and a healthy brain to use it and get out from the pathetic little job you have.

You must have a great talent other than what you do in life. And if God is silent is so you look inside of you and think hard how to find that especial talent and make it work for you. I am tired of big cry babies like you.

God looked around when Jesus his only son was going to be betrayed, but the only one that fit the bill was Judas. Whatever any atheist or unbelievers say about this, is their own observation and I respect that.

But as a christian I am positive, Judas was the only one among his followers that had the guts and cowardly courage to sell his master for a few coins. But if you want to blame God and keep crying like a little girl, then go ahead, God still loves you, and he keeps waiting for you to lay aside your stupidity and return to him, where you belong in the first place!

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Hey god has answered every prayer I ever uttered, no,no,no,no,no,no, thank you lord,can I have another, give me your best shot, *******.

God is not a man, to say what is false; or the son of man, that his purpose may be changed: what he has said, will he not do? and will he not give effect to the words of his mouth, you're just being a narrow minded ... In the first you got your new job without knowing that God is behind your success ... Jeremiah 29:1111 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. remember this verse ... not all the time you got an answer for him for he knows what is best for you.. maybe he doesn't give what you want but he gave what is best for you. God’s plan isn’t always what we thought it was going to be. But God’s plan is always best even if we don’t understand it at the time. We know though, that in all things, God works together for the good of those who love Him. (Romans 8:28) We know that when God shuts a door, he opens another. We know that God is working through every event in our lives to make us more and more dependent on Him for everything we need. We need to realize that God’s plan is not always the easiest in our eyes, but it is always the best.God sees our tomorrows before they become our ‘todays.’ He sees the beginning of our life and He sees the end, and He sees everything in between. Psalm 139:16 says “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” God knows the plans He has for us.Jeremiah says that God has “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” For the Jewish people, that meant going back to the Promised Land, for the Christian it means going to be with Him for eternity. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you have a hope and a future that goes far beyond the parameters of this life. You have a hope and a future where you will be living in eternity with God. You have the hope that “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6) And then those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior and made Him the Lord of their lives will reign with Christ forever! What a great hope we have in God’s promises! God reassured His people: “The days are coming, when I will bring my people Israel and Judah back from captivity and restore them to the land I gave their forefathers to possess,’ says the LORD.” (Jeremiah 30:3) After the Babylonian captivity, the Medes and the Persians conquered the kingdom of Babylon and the Jews were allowed to go back home, because the word of the Lord always comes true. Following verse 29:11, Jeremiah continues and gives us another beautiful promise from the word of God: “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:12-13 The Lord knows the plans He has for us and He is patiently waiting for us to come to Him. So how do we do that? We PRAY. Our prayer life, worship habits and personal devotion, are of key importance in every Christian’s life because battles are won in prayer, sin is conquered in prayer, discouragement is defeated in prayer, self is abase in prayer and God is exalted in prayer.When God is exalted, He will speak to us through the Holy Spirit who is going to be our motivating force. Even when we fail in some of our human efforts, we should not give up and trust in Him to be our Strength. Let’s keep our eyes upon Him and not on the world, and we will be blessed.Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. (Ephesians 1:3) [God Has a plan for you always remember you can't get whatever you want , for God knows what is best for you] Don't be demanding

Human beings in modern societies have the expectation that life should turn out well. This is a false expectation fed by the artificial world of television and movies. In affluent Western countries life is easier for a larger percentage of the population, but for the rest of the world life is often hard, cruel and short for most. In fact, that's how life has been for most people throughout human history. The exceptions to this are modern, technically advanced, affluent societies.<br />
<br />
Christians, especially those in rich societies, like to think that God will make sure they get an enjoyable and comfortable life. When that happens, which is the expected average in a modern, affluent society, they thank God for it. When their expectations are not met, they blame God for it.<br />
<br />
These people have a false perception of reality. God has promised no one an easy, comfortable life. In fact Jesus said "in this life you will have many tests and trials ...". This is true for many of us. Life tests us, it reveals what lies in the depths of our hearts. There are many of us that claim to love God, and are regular church goers, but the real answer of where our loyalty lies is found in how we respond to the tests and difficulties of life. If we show mercy , love and compassion to those in our sphere of influence (and this often means to the most needy in our families and neighborhoods), then this shows that we really do love God. If we live selfish lives, following our own selfish ambitions, ignoring the needs in our own families and neighborhoods, then it doesn't matter if we say we are Christians, and it doesn't matter if we go to church every Sunday and pay our tithes, our responses to the needy in our immediate sphere of influence reveal what really lies in our hearts. There are no selfish Christians, because if you are selfish and focused entirely on your own needs, it reveals that you have never really understood what Christ expects of us, and that you have never really let love and mercy operate in your heart. I'm not speaking to the original poster on this web page, I'm speaking to all humanity.<br />
<br />
Life is God's test for us all; it reveals to God and ourselves what our true natures are. Life is not fair, it never has been. Life is often full of injustice and hardships for many people, and that is not fair. God often does not rescue us from tests and trials, or injustice or hardships, but you can be sure He is watching us. If we respond with mercy and love to life, we will be rewarded for it. <br />
<br />
Occasionally, God has intervened in my life to change my direction or provide help, but for most of my 52 years God has let me endure many hardships, difficulties and sorrows. Many times I have pleaded with God for mercy, but mostly God has not responded in any way that is perceivable by me. Does that mean God has rejected me, does that mean God no longer loves me? No it doesn't. I know God still loves me, even in the face of all the difficulties I have faced. If you knew my life, you would not believe the continual hardships and misfortunes I have faced. That is just life. For some of us hardships come through misguided and negligent parenting, through accidents of genetics, through our own stupidity, through the sinful actions of evil people, or through totally random, unfortunate events. That is life. You still have to live a life of mercy and love, you have to focus on eternity. God is still there and God is still watching, but God often does not rescue us from difficulty because he wants to see what lies in our hearts. Yes, it is not fair, yes it is hard, yes it is not what gets preached on a Sunday from the pulpit, but yes, this is the truth.

I agree. I ask God, in the name of Jesus to help me at college and help me make my mind of what was my goals, the carrier that would bless me, I flunked in my test.

God words is all ****! Holy Spirit is worth noting. Another liar.

I have 38 years old and since 1995 so stupid God, Rome invention of money, stupid Jews, and I am not the owner of the clippers; God is like Satan, a liar.

He ruin my life as well. He spoiled my childhood. I love ****, but he will condemn me for his petty ****.

**** them 3!

Do not compare God to Satan. Im sure if it were up to satan you'd be dead and in hell. Everyone should be thankful for every breath. It is a GIFT from God. Please for your own sake be careful what you say about God. He is not a human. He is not like you or I. You clearly believe in the trinity. You obviously dont care about what you are saying but please just ask God to change your view of Him and PLEASE repent for what you just said. You will be held accountable for your words

There is no God. So blame youself & worship yourself alike.
True God is in YOU.

I try my best to be a seriously devout Christian. I love God with all my heart and I believe that Christ is His Son. I have felt abandoned by God before, too. BUT...... I have seen the other side of my disappointment as well. For fourteen years I prayed that God will bless me with the husband HE chose. I passed up guys when they weren't God fearing and I saw how God separated me from them as well. But year after year passed and it seemed like God did nothing different for me. Year seven, I befriend a man who seems everything that God would want for me- but he doesn't want marriage. He said he was meant to stay single forever. I couldn't understand it. It seems like every other man God separated me from except for this one, yet he didn't want to be married. One of my other prayers was that I would fall in love with the person God had me to marry. EVen though I was spending lots of time with that young man, God prevented me from falling head over heels for him. Year fourteen, he and I are still just friends and I'm confused on what to do. ANd that's the year God brought my husband to me. Not only is he one of the most God fearing men I've ever met, but I fell hard for him so quickly that I almost couldn't believe it. My point is this- you are trying to advance in a career that God may not want you to have. You've been struggling and crying over something that is good for you BUT God may want you to have something EVEN BETTER! It's hard for Him to give us something 'better' when we won't let go of the something 'good'. Do you understand? God ALWAYS knows better even if it seems as the moment He's not making ANY sense. Also, make sure you're not being a 'faithful Christian' only to get things out of God. He is not a genie. HE is God and He won't be mocked. I think you should try Him again if you haven't already.

I know this is old and I haven't read any of the comments but I feel compelled to reply. First off, perhaps you should have thanked god for what you do have before you begged for something trivial about your job. Secondly, perhaps the job you were in wasn't the right one for you.. You say god chose it for you, then why would you leave it? Are you not in a comfier, more relaxed job now? I think you should understand that just because you ask for something that it doesn't mean you will get it. You might think it's important, but god knows better than you do and you need to learn to trust him better. He has it all worked out. I've only known god 3 months, and he's had me by the balls testing me &
Explaining the meaning of life to me. We aren't here to have the perfect life - this is a tainted world and for that fact alone life will always be tainted. That's why we die. You have to realise that no matter how hard life can get, or how impossible a situation might be, God will always use it for your own benefit. Has it not taught you anything? Has it not made you realise how long you can cope with your own perceived 'failing' before throwing in the towel? Seriously, The Lord knows your limits and will never push you beyond them. The trials an tribulations of this life are all about making you worthy of the next life. God loves you and wants to make you a better person,
So when you face these times try to smile and be greatful (trust me, I know how hard it can be. But perseverance and trust have got me through it - well, nearly through it now!)

(Y) you're absolutely right brother

First of all since you posted this in 2010 I have no clue if you'll read this but I'm hoping that you do and if not I honestly hope that God would allow others who feel that they are on the brink of a spiritual breakdown or anyone going through a tough trial to read this and God uses me as funnel and soften the hearts of those who read this.

Secondly anything I write in my response to your situation please see it out of love and not condemnation.

The first thing you said that made me feel convicted to write a response was "I believe now that praying is actually really begging" I'm sitting at my desk and I literally said "wow" aloud. Prayer is far from begging! It's an intimate conversation between you and God, its personal and everything you say to him should come solely from your heart.

I think we make the mistake assuming that if we list the desires we have to God then use our bible's to back up what we ask for we are automatically entitled to receive it. To be honest with you why shouldn't it be that way right?
God wrote the word himself and the God we believe in is without flaw? So based on that logic alone when we pray like it says in Matthew 7:7 when we ask we should receive right?!

Well yes...and no. The bible has a number of verses telling us that God can/will bless us with our desires (Philippians 4:19, Psalm 37:4, Ephesians 3:20, Mark 11:24, Luke 11:9).
However despite this why it is then a person can ask over and over for something and not receive it? I would say firstly it’s more likely a test by God of your faith as a Christian.

The bible says in
James 1:2-4 “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing”

1 Peter 4:12-13 says “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ's sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed.”

James 1:12 says “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.”

How then if the bible says this can we demand of God? Is God not just? With a click of a finger he can fix everything that puts us in uncomfortable circumstances but how then will we grow spiritually and have more zeal? What separates us from those people who focus on the world and worldly possessions? I’m not saying that you should have to suffer but trials are so beneficial because when they’re over we give glory and praise and have clarity as to why maybe God waited to rescue us from our circumstance probably the best bible story to illustrate this is when Jesus walks on water!

Matthew 14:22-33 says:
Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd. After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone, and the boat was already a considerable distance from land, buffeted by the waves because the wind was against it. Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” And when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down. Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

Think of this when Peter took his first step that took faith if hadn’t have believed in the Lord he would have immediately sunk. Rather he took a step of faith trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and he was focused on him not his surroundings or the calamity ahead of him as soon as he took his focus off of God and instead diverted to what was around him only then did he began to sink and Jesus was forced to step in.

I used this story to illustrate God is FOR US(Romans 8:31) he does indeed want you to prosper and to be a success but he is our heavenly father who is Omniscient he can see into the future and can determine that if you were to exit current circumstance at this time his will would not yet be done for you. So when going through trials always think to yourself “ Lord I Know it’s not your will for me to suffer but rather going through this process will bring forth something” whether it’s a realisation or even something physical God has purpose in everything he allows to happen to us.

I always find inspiration in the book of Job when I find myself going through trials, Job is a motivational biblical character due to the fact he never ever said a bad thing against God! For those who may read this and are unaware his family was killed, his possessions were stolen, and he was left homeless, then to top it off his skin sprouts boils! His circumstance is one of the worst I have heard of and yet what did Job do? Though upset (naturally as we all would be) he understood God’s divinity and was puzzled as why he had been afflicted! Job didn’t look at his current circumstance in negative light he knew God has a plan and knew he could not dare to question God’s plans why? Not because our God was so distant and Job felt inferior but rather because Job knew God was never against him.

Job 1:14-24 “One day when Job’s sons and daughters were feasting and drinking wine at the oldest brother’s house, a messenger came to Job and said, “The oxen were plowing and the donkeys were grazing nearby, and the Sabeans attacked and made off with them. They put the servants to the sword, and I am the only one who has escaped to tell you!” While he was still speaking, another messenger came and said, “The fire of God fell from the heavens and burned up the sheep and the servants, and I am the only one who has escaped to tell you!” While he was still speaking, another messenger came and said, “The Chaldeans formed three raiding parties and swept down on your camels and made off with them. They put the servants to the sword, and I am the only one who has escaped to tell you!” While he was still speaking, yet another messenger came and said, “Your sons and daughters were feasting and drinking wine at the oldest brother’s house, when suddenly a mighty wind swept in from the desert and struck the four corners of the house. It collapsed on them and they are dead, and I am the only one who has escaped to tell you!” At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship and said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.

I just want to close by saying this; I know that you may feel your personal experience is something no one else can understand. The thing with trials are like temptation really they are personal, what you consider a struggle I might be unaffected by and what I might define as a trial you make think is minor. I’m not here to dispute this but I just would pray everyone reading this looks at the bigger picture.


Our true home while we are here on earth this is merely a pilgrimage fixate your eyes on the Kingdom rejoice that though your trial is painful, it may hurt, you may be pushed financially and emotional. Take refuge in Jesus he saved us so that we can experience heaven and took our sins away on the cross!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Matthew 6 25-34 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

By the grace of God I hope my response will re - light a passion to endure hardships and keep our eyes fixated on heaven. May God bless you all.

Thank you Terelle. I am going through extreme financial hardship. Despite being so educated and experienced. I have been praying for a job for a year and have applied to over 150 jobs and although I know the Lord loves me, I am feeling very anxious. I am trying to provide for my wife and child and I am seeing our whole material life crumbling. Your response to the idiot above has really helped me. It is like a little ray of light on a gloomy day. Thank you once again and God bless you.

I just read your story. And I like you, I have always had faith in god, I have the house I worked for all my life to leave for my children as I'm a single parent, I have lost my job, why? because I stood up for those under me that were being abused, fired under false accusations, for those that were injured at work and fired, I help everyone by finding lawyers that will represent them with no money in advance, by testifying on their favor, I also defended two children who were abused, all was proven, but, I was severally punished at work, they made my life miserable, to the point of make me sick and made me quit... did I prayed to god for help? yes endless times... but I guess good deeds does not place you on his special side. Those that abused their power, mistreated and abused so much, they are enjoying big promotions, a perfect life, with their loved ones, growing financially. I have come to the decision and I told god, "I know you exist, cuz my heart tells me you do, because everything I have done its because you planted in me the desire to help others, unfortunately, I'm not one of your favorites, and that I cannot change. No matter how much I have prayed even to find a good job to start all over again at my 52 years of age, there s no opportunity for me. I learned that no matter how much I prayers will not be heard nor answered. so..I give up...I learned that there s no god for me.

My dear,

Please do not give up on God. No matter the situation, He is still God. You are alive is something. Trust Him and Him alone.

God bless you

Reading all this posts made me realize how many naive people act as "lawyers" on God's behalf. i'd like to see Him speaking for Himself. i can indentify with most complaints, because i am right in the very same place, yet i do believe God exist, (i dont know why hes called jesus with a J as the letter J only came into existance about 600 years ago, which makes one wonder who spelled wrong in the bible and if spelling is incorrect how many other things are incorrect? )anyway however i do believe in His Son Jesus christ but i have been searching for answers on unanswered prayers for seven years now. so glad to see that i'm not the only one with this problem. i began to think that i must have woken up in a different dimension one morning, because for no reason God's promises does not manifest in my life. i did, say, pray, prophecy, act believed everything that the bible answer...been there, done all of that, and got the t-shirt that proves that somewhere is something terrible wrong with God's finger can be pointed for it is written if one believes in His son Yesus christ then you are "righteous" before Him which means that no fellow christian or excuse can justify unanswered prayers which is in His Will. this is really a crisis among christians. how can a christian be expected to "win souls" for the kingdom when they realise that themselves had been caught up in christianity with a lie? how can it be said that one has to keep the faith, but when your faith brakes down because of unanswered prayer, you are condemmed by it? is this fair? i dont think so...if ANYBODY has an answer that makes sence please reply. i am not talking aboiut "excuses" i am talking about real reasons. i have been searching for answers about unanswered prayers only to find that there will ALWAYS be an "excuse/reason" of some kind promoted by naive people. And for those who wondered what i prayed about...i was asking God for restoration. in my bussiness (which is ultimately about caring for the poor) and restoration in marriage- guess its been asking too much. life goes by ...

I believe it depends on your motive for the money. Have you first seeked His face instead of His hand?

My motives involve no money. Just asking him to save and set my heart free from bondages of sin. God is the father of stipulations, loopholes, conditions and excuses to not do what his word says. Makes him a liar in my book and me really stupid for crying out

Same story here man, it almost feels like he is just a bully and really doesn't give a **** for us, I always did everything myself, never he helped me. yeah yeah, I have a really nice family and all, but i go to school and get bullied, not by God alone but by everyone else. Even the teachers, I got a 7A in my science test and they didn't move me up, instead they moved up a boy who'd only got a 5A. I don't know if he can see what i'm writing but if he does the **** YOU GOD!

And By the way, if god is so "forgiving" and "nice" WHY DOES HE SEND US TO HELL?

So say you were God (obviously your not) and you sent your perfect son to die for the sins of evil people and He was beaten 39 times, mocked, spit on and humiliated (has that ever happened to you?) After that they put in him on a cross, hammered nails into both wrists and his feet. This sinless, perfect God who didnt have to do it but did the will of his father, God. Now people in those times (jews) didnt believe HE Gods son and still today people dont believe. Not only do thay not believe but they curse Him.

So im asking do the people tha reject God's sacrifice deserve to reign with him? Jesus took death so that we wouldnt have to die (hell) but Jesus didnt die for no reason. There is punishment when you reject what He did. He wasnt a normal He himself was/is God.

I was reading your post did you ever think what u need to change in your life God helps his children but he will not do all the work for you i think the demons got a hold of you if your calling God a liar you need to get yourself back on track i dont know you but i bern trhough hell and back and i stay faithfull to my true loveing God so whats your problem the devil got you i mean no disreaspect but it breaks my heart to have my heavenly father disrespected i stick up for him

God disrespects himself by making promises that he doesn't come through with. Specifically, setting our hearts free from the bondages of sin and healing our broken hearts. He gives the enemy every advantage and then blames us and holds us responsible. Sadistic sick sad heavenly father figure.

God never says that you will not through trials and suffer. Heck Jesus said it will be harder for you. But holding on to jesus is what you need to do.
Setting you free from bondages takes time. Jesus told peter that the devil wants to sift him like wheat. Its our job to fight back with the strength given to us by God. Jesus doesnt want whiny people but strong warriors that dont give up. Stop complaining that God is this and that and take the armor that the bible says you have been given. Your sheild of faith, breast plate of righteousness and your sword which is the spirit word. Instead of complaining about what God didnt do you fight the devil with the word of god. He attacks your mind. Telling you filth about how God didnt come through. You should no better than to listen to the devil. Swat him like a fly. Use the word of God. Yes life hasnt gone the ways you wanted it spiritually or physically but if you dont let the past go it will eat you up and kill you. Our flesh doent like God so you need to take of you flesh and start living in the spirit of God and see if things dont change. "Seek ye the kingdom of God and all other things will be added" i feel like you are just gonna pass me off but take God seriously, please respect him. One day you will need him more than you ever have, more than you even have now nd you may have just pushed him waay to far. Be careful please plese

Thank You.. You are absolutely right.. I was in a dark place, and fortunately, I had people like you that spoke the truth in love.. You are right on the mark with what you said and have added to recent changes of my heart and perspective. God is faithful.. Thanks for taking the time and, "God Bless You"

There's a song in Indonesia. The title is "Kemenangan" or "Victory". one of its verses contains
Living on prayer
Never stop, never losing
Keep the faith, keep the spirit strong
Never stop, never losing
so don't lose your faith.Everything happen for a reason :) Do you think God doesn't response you? Think twice. Have you tried your best? God know which better for you. God bless.

I thinks it's hilarious to read all the posts, yelling and screaming at God. A few lashes at Jesus mixed in. Who is what I consider collateral damage. First of all. (I'll get to the hilarious part in a second). God does EXIST. And without question Jesus did. Now whether you like to think of him as the "son" of God., God on earth, or Lord the Father can be debated. But no doubt he walked this earth. And theirs no doubt (in my mind anyway) that he was not connected to God in some way. To each his on with that. (Here comes the funny part of these "angry" posts) Every one of them is YELLING!!! at God. Like he's listening. He is by the way. If your gonna denounce him. Denounce him then and be done. Your just "mad" at God. You know why? Cause you getting what you want. Selfish....or else you wouldn't be trying to get a rise out of God by saying "I don't like you anymore God. Your mean to me. Just like if my kid wanted a new car at 10 years old. "Your being mean to me daddy!!" "And not giving me what I want." So I'm gonna denounce you as my father and get another one." Or will you? You guys take your chances. Throw God under the bus and move on. It won't change anything and it dam sure won't make you happy. Myself? I'm sticking with him. I can tell you right now I ain't got everything I want or wanted. But I'm thankful. I'm thankful my kids love me no matter what. Do this you selfish God haters. Try doing something that makes someone "else" happy. See how much joy that'll give you. When YOU stop whinnying about YOU. I think you'll get his gift. It's give all you got and offer more OF YOURSELF. Not what he can do to make YOU happy. Sure I would like to been a Rock Star. But thank God I'm not. Because I would of killed myself with drugs and womanizing. And that my friends is "misery". Find you a Rock Star that don't agree. I'm loved. And I love. I'm thankful and humble. Just gotta turn it over to God. And you'll see the joy. Try GENISIS 28:15- BEHOLD I AM WITH YOU. AND WILL KEEP YOU WHERE EVER YOU GO.......etc. Keep yelling. He don't care. You'll be back. And humbled too.

I have lost my faith in God also! I believe he only cares for certain people!

People are sick they need God for real but instead they are leting demons take over them i pray for people who call God liars and so fourth they never stop and think there the problem no they rather cuss God out so disrespectful im against people who are working with demons im faithful to God i love God pray for theses people with me

Jesus tests us. Through many ways Jesus tests our faith. He provides that which you need. Where you see a need to excel perhaps Jesus sees that your needs are met. As u said u have a job..... to want is not gods desire. We must place our faith in the Lord that he has a plan for each one of us. It is what we may do for and through Jesus that pleases him. Not what he may do for us. Live the word of god.

Hi all, Jesus is Lord. everything in the Bible is true. God loves us. Yes it states that not all people will enter into his Kingdom.I am just quoting scripture. I believe every word is from God.In many of the above responses people are given their testimonials on how God helped them and keep believing if he hasn't yet they say.There is one response that has not yet been told here. do you know which one?I don't think any person who has responded has a clue as to what I'm saying .A clue.... what if a person believes 100% in the bible; yet has not recieved help from the Lord in fact their suffering is getting worse so much that their financial situation is as Job and their physical suffering is so hopeless that only morphine injections hourly would take their pain away. Any human living today would kill themselves if they were in that shape. we're human there is a physical and mental limitation to exesistance on this earth. What if you were at that point and God did nothing to help . NOW do understand,what I said that all responses had no clue upon.If you have faith enough to even offer ANY WORDS to respond then tell it to the whole world not in some collumn because that is actual how people in their own conscious and heart are truelly expieriencing . Their are so many people who do not have the strentgh or intellect orknowledge to know better than they are at their physical and mental end/edge that the cannot live another second in their own skin and if they had the means they commit suicide because their condition is as grave as it can get for them!!!!!!! What do you all say to someone like that huh???????Help yourselfish self first you do before even thinking of the less fortunate. grow up you blessed ones what do you say to somone who thinks their name is not written in the book of life huh???????? Now how is that for someone God has not helped huh? I dare you to write a truthful and honest response??

<p>Yeah god is a ******* liar. I've got that much figured out. And heaven is the biggest lie of all. Theres no ******* way.....there's not even room enough for a fraction of the humans that have ever lived. I don't think any humans are going to heaven or are eternal. I think hells a lie to. Some bible verses like Jeremiah 4:10 describe god as being a deceiver, a liar. And so why are we expected to believe anything at all that he says? Sometimes I have visions. The visions are of the sky burning, and people and animals of the earth burning up. The end of the end of time for this planet. Horrible visions. And yet I believe that it's all going to end like this. And no, folks, there is no heaven. Bible says that god is a ******* liar. So don't believe him.</p>

I responded but in typical fashion, my response was deleted. So I wont repeat all of what I said. I'll just say this. Not only is God a liar, but he's also a racist, bigoted, evil, child murdering bully.

Try being honest with God. Tell him openly, I think you're a liar etc. I did that once, I was open and honest with God about my feelings and once I talked with him and told him what a jerk I thought he was I then felt that he was listening. I don't know why God has not answered your prayers, but I know he loves you.

that person it absolutely right, god and jesus are liars and con artists. serving them
just makes those that believe in them suckers and puts them in bondage since
Christianity is a bunch of reverse psychology that distorts the truth and does
nothing to improve their lives here on earth. as a proud u.s. veteran on this
veterans day, serving in any of the 4 u.s. military branches is a lot better than
serving god and jesus. if I may ask, does serving god and jesus make that person
eligible to have lifetime va hospital benefits like those who proudly serve in the
u.s. military huh god? I didn't think so which explains why god never mentions
it because it's one of many things god hides. so to conclude this truthful story
much to the dismay of liar god and liar jesus, all u.s. veterans are better than
both of them and thus should never pray to them.

I agree with you totally. God is a coward who never shows himsels and always gets people to do gis sick will. I have seen people do good to others where God and Jesus do nothing. Unfortunately God and Jesus get the credit for what man does. That's like me taking the credit for somthing you did and that is so wrong

The harder the fight, the bigger the reward!<br />
<br />
Sin/lack of obedience blocks blessings.<br />
<br />
Focus on Jesus not the problem.<br />
<br />
Hating/not accepting things is self destructive, if you can't forgive/accept things then hate and blame satan, he Is responsible for all our sufferings, he'll soon leave you alone once he hears your accusations. Remember satan is the loser in this war, we are on the winning side. <br />
<br />
Although God loves faith ba<x>sed Christians just as much, I lost my faith in Jesus fairly quickly when faced with competing belief systems, (including atheism). However, once I studied the evidence of the resurrection, I became an evidenced ba<x>sed Christian, and therefore now, cannot loose my belief in what is after all the truth. Study it for yourself, it will help.<br />
<br />
Christians! Ask God what your Devine purpose is; why He made you, and why you are here! Your true calling is waiting for you. Keep asking ! He will respond.<br />
<br />
Non-Christians! If there is a God? it can of course hear you, so simply keep talking It. It will respond. Keep talking to It!

I just saw this post again last night and even though I responded before I feel I have to say something again because I am so tired of people giving God a bad rap. Did you ever stop to think that maybe he was telling you something like maybe you were supposed to be in another line of work? The reason I say this is because I started going to school for secretarial and after a few classes changed my major to child development and got a degree in that. I was teaching preschool and not making squat so I decided to go back to school and take some secretarial classes. I signed up for a class in Excel but felt a strong lack of peace about it but ignored it because I had an attitude that well, since Im not making enough doing preschool teaching I have to do what I have to do,. Anyways, one night at church I went up to the front for prayer for something and God spoke to my heart very clearly saying drop the excel class, my response was "well I've already paid for it. (It hadnt started yet) he said, "get a refund" I was like oh yea I forgot I can do that. So I dropped the class, a year or so later I found out there was a social work program in my area and got my BA in that. The child development degree was not a waste of time because it was needed also because Ive worked with kids many times. Anyways, God does indeed have a plan for every aspect of our lives even our careers. I remember hearing a woman say her dad a wonderful Christian man who worked some job for years barely getting by, but always had wanted to be a writer but never pursued it. The problem isnt God its us. We need to learn to hear him because many times we make dumb choices that he had nothing to do with and then we turn around and blame him. Another, possible solution could be fear. Some people have a fear of failure or expectation of failure over their lives and no matter where they work or what they do they fail. Because its what they expect. It is possibly a generational thing or a result of experiences they've had and everything they do they see failure. It is something that needs broken off of their life in order for them to suceed not because God is trying to punish them. God does want us to succeed but hes not a sugar daddy either that turns everything we touch into gold either. He does let us be tested at times to see if we are sincerely following him or if were just using him to get stuff. So those of you who want to blame God for everything that goes wrong really need to look at whole picture. God is not the one trying to ruin peoples lives, there is a disconnect somewhere that WE'RE not getting.

If i was supposed to be in another line of work then why did he give me the job. I knew with God that I was a conqueror, but of course he just like to stuff around with people because He is God. Read your bible and see how many lives he stuffed around with

oh mann,wasnt too long ago when i was in this situation.At trevor1969 u are frustrated with god number one and that's completly give up on him is to keep on rejecting the ways and words of the holy spirit and anything that has to do with god which u still believe in.its frustrating to ask god for something and he dosen't respond right away or at all.It seems hopless,but there are reasons behind it.maybe hes pushing you even harder or has something better in min.what ever it is .DON'T GIVE UP ON HIM AND DO NOT LET SATAN MISLEAD U FROM GOD BECAUSE THAT'S ALL HE 'S DOING RIGHT NOW.Giving u lies which looks like the truth but in the end is extremely harmful.Remember we have to give honor and glorify god through the worst of time's because we r demomstrating to others what it is to have faith in him.what good is it to only thank him for the good, but curse him when the worst comes.You will reach your quota just have faith and patience in him.

I don't think many of these people, who like me are fed up, discount that God exists. If they are at the point that I am now, we know hes there but are weary of the do nothing God of present. We have been taught our entire lives about the "LIVING GOD" and all the miracles he performed and the masses he fed. The god who actually answered prayers and spoke to his people. That's the God we were taught exists, but yet in 51 years of life that one has been MIA!! Satan has been here on Earth since the beginning. During the history of this planets entire history as documented in the Bible, God did intervene and used his power to make sure things came out his way. The Bible is full of stories where God enforced his will upon the Earth. I know the next argument will be but he gave us free will, to live as we chose, but then the stories in the bible would refute that wouldn't they? God many times used his power to decide the outcome of a situation. That proves he can do these things and has done in the past. That being said why is it so different now than then? Satan has no power without God, unless of course God is not the "All Mighty". If Satan is who you blame, then on the same hand you have to blame God for allowing such evil and atrocities to happen. If God only wants the truth and for us to walk in the light, why then when people do to the best of their human abilities (another attribute governed by God) do they get punished for doing so. Through out the history of the bible God decided and imposed his will on nations (Free will?). God has raised the dead, cured leprosy, stood up for ****** and Criminals who repented, fed the starving masses, answered the prayers and begging of his followers etc, etc. Yes my question is why isn't God doing for the people of today, what the Bible says he did before? Now, either the bible is a lie, and not as accurate as we have been taught or God for some reason unknown to anyone has abandoned his children.

Wow. All I can say is I am also 51 and have known God since I was 17 and I have found that he IS the same God of the Bible. I was healed of skin cancer, boils, strep throat, a dislocated elbow, to name a few all without a doctor. I was given a house miraculously for me and my kids to live in for 325.00 a month which had a mortgage at the time of 900.00 a month. I was a single parent and had no way of affording a house for me and my kids or even a deposit, but God spoke to me one day and said " I have better for you than this" so we started thanking him for our new house and one year later we got it MIRACULOUSLY. I could go on and on with answers to prayers. So is it because God loves me and not you. Of course not. Perhaps youve been sitting in a church for years that was cold and dead or just religious. If anyone reading this does not feel like you are getting any closer to God or experiencing him then, "GET the heck out of there"!! Because he IS real and he DOES answer prayer.

I've saved since I was 4, raised a preacher's kid in a very strict denomination (independent, fundamental, KJV only, separated Baptist), attended two Bible colleges, graduated from one with a Major in Bible, and Secondary Ed, Math, served in the church in a lot of ways. To date, I'd be hard pressed to say with any proof that God answered any of my prayers about anything. I've been very sincere, I've cried out to God, searched for Him, confessed sins over and over, and yet. . . I don't feel God, I cannot point to a specific prayer (input), and say that God specifically answered that prayer (output). I kept a prayer log for 2 years, and every prayer was NOT answered. A few items resolved themselves through natural events, but nothing miraculous. To me, God feels like the picture I used to see on the Chick tracts; Jesus feels the same way as I feel reading a biography about Abraham Lincoln, or other past historical figure.
My wife says she feels love for God. I don't get that at all. I can't see, hear, feel, or sense anything, other than guilt, frustration or feel good emotions at church from enjoying good music, or a good thought the same as if I was anywhere else appreciating a good motivational speech.
Apparently, God really does like you, and just about anyone else, more than me, because He seems to me to be an imaginary synthesized belief figure. If my car was as reliable as God, I would have turned it in as a lemon.
I'm glad God loves you.

I wanted to add something else to your post. When my daughter was about 19 she had a dream where she was in this big conference room with a bunch of huge angels sitting around a conference table. In the middle of the table was a window to the world and the head angel would point to places on the earth and say things such as, there is a prevalence of suicide and despair here then he would assign a couple of angels to deal with that. Then he would point to another location and say that there was a prevalence of anger and murder and assign a couple more angels to deal with that. When the meeting was over all the angels filed out of the room and as my daughter was walking out of the room also an angel by the door looked at my daughter and said, "Tell my people to pray" anotherwords, Gods will IS done as WE do our part to pray and cultivate a relationship with God so that we are his hands and feet on this earth. Another example, is a friend of mine who was driving home and saw a women in a wheel chair on the side of the road at night. My friend felt prompted by God to talk to this lady and ended up taking her to live with them for a while. Turns out the woman had planned on taking her life that night but my friends heart was sensitive to Gods voice and a life was spared. I have found that those who are angry with God about the way the world is are not close or sensitive to the voice of God themselves to make any kind of a difference in the world they would prefer to point their angry finger at God and blame him for what they themselves should be doing. Point blank, what exactly are you doing to make the world better, because whining and complaining about it is only adding to the problem and not contributing one darn thing. Have you fed the hungry? Have you prayed for the sick? have you reached out to the hurting? Have you reached out to those in prison? If you had , you would be on here writing good things about what Gods done THROUGH you instead of waiting for him to do it for you.

Yes, and He says He is still in control. If anyone ran an office like Hhe did they would have been fired long ago. Pity we can't fire God. If I was God there would be no wars, famine and all that nasty crap. If you see a man about to rape a woman, well we would put a stop to that. Not God, He just sits by and does nothing, probably enjoys watching people being killed, women being raped and then He has the cheek to say ït's all for the greater good". ......

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I have no use for God as he has surely made it clear he has no use for us. 51 years of praying and serving for what? God has done nothing but shut doors and made evil people's lives easier. Don't preach that my reward will be when I die or to trust in him unconditionally. The more I think about the Bible is that it is a book of god helping others oppress entire races. I as of today have rid my house of anything to do with the hypocritical God we were foolish enough to bend our knees to daily for naught!!! Please don't any of you tell me you will pray for me as I now take that as an insult and a curse.

Stand on his word no matter what..I've felt this way n later on thanked God for allowing my prayers to be carefully studied...God knows what we just don't know..don't allow satan to fill you mind with dought cuz if u do..ur destroying ur blessings..I know this for a fact