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As I sit here this fine morning, a great many things come to my mind.

All I hear are the whining and the bitching of various people about how "we don't have this" or "we deserve that" and "people should have compassion" or "where is your humanity??!"

You wanna know where mine is? I flushed it down the toilet. Its a useless to me. Notice my choice of words, its useless to ME. Now there are those of you who love to help and all that fine bullshit, and that's great. Help as much as you want. But don't expect me to pitch in because you do. The great thing about this world is that there is room for all beliefs. There are only two groups of people I will ever help.... family and friends.

Sorry, there is no humanity left in me anymore. Ive done my service, people spat in my face after we did everything we could to protect them, so you know what, I said **** it. I'm done. No one wants to fight for what is theirs anymore. Its all "give me this, and give me that because its my 'right'". You have the right to life, liberty, and per suit of happiness. You have the right to health care... doesn't mean you deserve it for free. But lets expand on health care for a few minutes. Why is the system so bad? Is it because hospitals and doctors are corrupt? What constitutes the bulk of health care costs, A trip to the ER or a chronic disease? And wouldnt you know that most people can take preventative action for all their chronic illnesses saving them millions of dollars. But who the hell am I to tell them when they should go to the doctor. They should go whenever they feel like it and it should be free and people should wipe their ***** for them. Get the **** outta here with that ****.

I will no longer sit back and let society just embrace this zombie autopilot culture where everything people want is given to them. If you want something bad enough, work and go get it. No one is lucky, no one is unlucky. You play the hand you were dealt, and should you lose that hand, lose with your dignitiy and honor in tact.

So to those who are complaing about the system... just shut the **** up. Because nothing will ever be good enough. You people are like leeches. You get one provision and then you want another and then another and then another. You talk about greed of others but fail to see your own greed. Greed isnt just about money.

You want to ask me where my humanity is? I tell you where it is... its up your ***. And then I'll tell you to just shut the **** up and quit bitching.

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Great story! I try to be nice to everyone, and so many times, I have been taken advantage of. I can easily relate to how you feel. I have begun to learn that family and friends are what counts and that those people who think the world owes them a living aren't worth my time.

thank you ghostriderinthesky (love your name)....and you have a good point as well silver, we do need to be more educated in terms of healthcare....too many people dont know how the system works (i'm sure i'm not as educated as i could be), and people should, in general, take better care of their bodies. right now, we abuse simple medications such as antibiotics causing certain bacteria to become more resilient to modern medicine....thus hiking up the cost of healthcare.<br />
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its good to know the ruler =)

Antiyou, I totally agree with both of your comments...you're brilliant!

Good points Anti as always. Which Is why I love ya!<br />
<br />
But!<br />
<br />
My example on healthcare isnt just for those without insurance. Even people with insurance do that (ive been guilty of it). Its not so much cost as it is education on how the system works and how to take care of problems before they become nightmares.<br />
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And you could easily make it in Silverland! Because you know the ruler! :)

i completely agree with what you said about housing and foreclosures. i think WAY too many of us are living outside our means, and the economic hault we're now seeing has had a tremendous affect on those exact indiiduals. we need to be better educated in terms of financial responsibility. more people should be downsizing what they own rather than clinging to what they cant afford. <br />
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as for people not seeing the doctor until its too late, well thats cause they cant afford to pay for regular checkups...an ER visit is the only time you're not required to pay anything upfront, hence why the ER is always full. but at the same time, you have to have something close to a medical emergency in order to go to the ER....thats why so many people end up not seeing a doctor until its too late. and we cant hold them at fault for a system they have no control over...in my opinion, free healthcare would be a stepping stone that encourages more people to get regular check-ups, which would in turn cut down on ER costs. and once you catch a potentially serious illness at its earliest stages, you're now avoiding expensive meds, expensive hospital stays....you, the hospital, everyone saves money. free healthcare is a good investment for everyones future, financially as well as medically.<br />
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and yes, freedom is the ability to make your own choice, some of us choose to help one another. <br />
<br />
and i'm glad you're not in control....a single mother of 3 barely being able to afford her schooling, probably couldnt afford to make it in your 'cut throat' environment. <br />
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The free health care thing doesnt bother me. I just dont think I should have to pay for someones stupidity.<br />
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Like I said, people dont see the doctor until its too late. And its the chronic diseases that are in the later stages that is the bulk of the costs. A poor family of three getting a check up for free isnt a big deal. But once they decided to leech off of everyone else for a problem that could have cost millions of dollars less (and yes I said millions) thats when I have a problem. For example, for two years of kidney disease treatment it cost a man 1.5 million dollars. Those bills effect everyone. That is what I am against. There needs to be a limit and its not a quick fix. <br />
<br />
And as far as housing goes, you have people getting houses that are WAY beyond their means. Your monthly payment should be no MORE than 1/3 of your monthly income. I promise that the majority of the forclosures are not in that range. People bought way more house than they could afford.<br />
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Like I said... this is what I believe. And I am no way forcing it on anyone else. If the world ran like I think it should run, it would be a cut throat place and weak wouldnt survive. Its all about adaptability.<br />
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Obama is gonna do his "change" bullshit and then 4 years later some other jack *** is gonna do their bullshit. <br />
<br />
The whole point of freedom is the ability to make your own choices. But as the government takes more control of everything choices are starting to errode. <br />
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This administration has adopted the policy of Short Term Gains for Long Term Losses. It should be Short Term Losses for Long Term Gains. Life is not a sprint, its a marathon.

Sometimes I think there is a fine line people cross between confusing compassion and pity. Sometimes complaining can get into feeling so sorry and sad about the situation that nothing is done. I feel like I'm wasting my own time when I found myself complain. Seems like it's better spent on getting my crap together than criticizing every last detail of what's wrong with everything that exists. If I spent time feeling sorry for myself growing up, I wouldn't have made it. When you grow up in a survive or get trampled situation, everything else is kind of petty by comparison. You mentioned dignity and honor, I've always felt it was earned and not given out. I do feel it gets compromised when people take the easy route, ask more than do the work...Maybe part of me is hardened due to circumstances in my entire life but I can't say that makes a person lose humanity and compassion though. I still feel I have a lot of that to give. I just don't feel comfortable taking it from others many times though. Don't know why...

I agree with Celery and with the other person that agrees with Celery. I reckon you've still got your humanity.

Good insights. The big, bad government allowed us to be dependent upon it, and now, they control too much of our lives. People in power love more power. People who always fight and work for what they have are not influenced by the D.C. idiots.

people arent just 'bitching' to *****. the system has failed us or perhaps we've failed the system, either way, people are angry and frustrated in general. times like these bring out both the worst and best in others.....<br />
<br />
i feel the economy has gotten so bad that it is indeed a wiser decision to work together and try to better ourselves as a whole rather than hord what little we have and play this as every man for himself...no single species wins every time. we need to work together....and no, we shouldnt just 'hand things over' to one another. we do need to work for what we have, and plenty of people do work hard and receive very little. and because of that, theres nothing wrong with receiving a little help along the way. <br />
<br />
and dont get me started on health insurance....i've had united health care, blue cross blue shield, cigna international, humana, and medicaid.....i can honestly say, i had the least worries, the least denials, and the best results with medicaid.....that government insurance everyone is so worried about. i do agree with free healthcare, i mean why not, are you worried a poor person might get help before you?<br />
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a lot of comments mentioned charities. well, as for that, you're not really giving your money away when you can claim it back at the end of the year.

I have met many who say I've lost my humanity because I won't give to certain charities, give money to bums, etc...

I don't think expecting people to take personal responsibility means you've lost your humanity. It's hard to care about people who can't or won't care for themselves. I know I care the most for those I see working hard, doing their best, and striving for betterment. Those are the people I want to help, because I know they will appreciate it and do something with it to make their lives more meaningful. Maybe you've just invested your humanity in the wrong humans too many times. That can get tiresome. Find someone who deserves you. You'll both appreciate it.

Excellent story! I totally understand where you're coming from!