Lost It

i have completly lost it. i have started about 4 groups on the feeling of nothing but pain and pissed. if my mood dosent change quick i feel that im not going to make it to may 8th or to the end of this day for that matter. i believe it would have helped if we would have done more talking or someting. well it dosent matter right now. nobody cares. everyone wishes that i were dead anyways so whats the point of me living. and Tink you better not cry if you read this because if you do i will pull the trigger and you know im dead serious.
AnikiMomo AnikiMomo
2 Responses May 7, 2007

Gaga album coming May 23rd

mate i feel for you and what justanothermother is saying is completely true i'm around the same age as you so if you ever need a talk about anything just please get hold of me i'm here for you and i know what its like being this age in this sort of time. just once again please if you need me get hold of me.