It Happened So Long Ago

I was 4 and it was about 3 and a half months before my 5th birthday. I don't remember it much but the bits that i do remember never leave me.

My dad had left for work as he always left long before i got up so i'd gone into my mum's bed when i woke up we was just laying there i think and the phone rang it was early.

The phone in the bedroom was the side i was so my mum reached over me to get it. I think i remember her crying i'm not really sure and i think i asked why and she told me.

By now my baby brother who was 18 months old was awake so i was simply sent to go and sit with him.

I don't remember anything else til my dad got home from work and then it all goes blank again until i'm at my grandad's in the bathroom with my mum's best friend who was helping me reach the sink to wash my hands and then her telling me to go and play somewhere with her daughter.

I've never told anyone i remember any of that - on a scale of things for a 4 year old that's not alot i remember - could be a whole lot more considering my age but i suppose you block bad things out. There was obviously a whole lot more and over the years gaps have been filled in occasionally but i know the difference between my own memories and what i've been told.
SimplyMiisUnderstood SimplyMiisUnderstood
22-25, F
Dec 9, 2012