Panic In The Mall

At about 3:40pm, one afternoon, a few months ago,  I suddenly realized I had lost my purse in a very crowded food court,  in a very busy mall. I had my little great granddaughter, Lizzie with me. I  grabbed her hand and yelled, RUN!!! We were in a pharmacy, and I had just grabbed a bottle of juice for her and was about to pay for it, which was when I discovered I didn't have my purse.

Running through the mall yelling PURSE, PURSE, PURSE, as if it would hear me and respond. People were all looking at me like I was totally insane. (I was)

Someone stopped right in my path and asked if I had lost my purse.  I simply shouted at her;  FOOD COURT, MOVE!! She moved and away we went.  Lizzie and I, flying through people and yelling PURSE!

I got to the food court and there at the table we had just vacated, were a Mom, a Dad and two small children. I ran up to them and asked if they had seen a black purse. The woman smiled and said, "Security has it."

So, I rushed off looking for the security office, was told it was down stairs. Ran downstairs and saw no door marked security, so I ran back up to the mall level, hunted down a cleaning lady and asked her where the security office was. She told me, downstairs. "No," I told her "it isn't, it's gone."  She said it was the first UNMARKED door on the left at the bottom of the stairs. So again off I went looking for the security office. And, I found it.  I knocked on the door. The security guard on duty opened the door and welcomed me with "Come in, I have your purse here." I asked her how she could be so sure it was mine. She said I have all of your ID. 

Of course she did. She had my purse.
Serenitree Serenitree
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Your angels must have been looking after you that day ! xx

Yes, angels, for sure. It was lucky for me that no one just walked by and snagged it before that couple sat there, and lucky that they were honest people. There are still honest people in this world. It was my good fortune to have run into a couple of them that day.

Awww, how AWESOME they had it!! Scary heart was pounding as I read this!!

It was such a relief to get it back. Apart from all MY stuff, I also carry the keys to my clients' homes.