Three Times In The Same Day!

This has happened to me a ton of times but it happened the worst this past summer. I was on my friends boat there were 2 guys and 2 girls including me. This boat goes like 200 mph no joke it was super fast. We were all going tubing and the two guys went then my friend Cat went and rocked. It was my turn and i layed down on my stomach with my waist down in the water sort of. I expected him to go slow like he did for the others but he started and just zoomed. In like 20 seconds my bikini was at my ankles and i let go to pull it up and did like a double back flip off and my bikini bottom went flying. I saw it on top of the water and it started to sink so i swam after it really fast and got it and put it back on. I got on the boat and they said wow we saw the whole show lol i laughed to cause it was kinda funny. It was my turn and i was a little hesitant to go but i said ah ill jut sit down inside this time. That was a mistake. I sat inside and he zoomed really fast again and i tried to hold on but i shot backwards. My head came out of the water just in time to see the tube as it was turning. My bikini was stuck to it, no joke it didn't rip accept for the tiniest hole that no one noticed i just slid right out. It was really odd actually. I got it back and got in the boat. I noticed the puny hole and thought no one would notice cause it was to small. I said i want redemption i was going to go one last time. I got in and sat in the tube and my butt touched the water. As they started to go fast i heard a ripping noise as the water hit my butt. I said oh no and i hit a giant wave another boat had just made and back flipped out of the tube. I grabbed my knees and tucked them ti me chest which was a huge mistake cause that made my bikini completely rip. It ripped so bad it was in shreds and ripped off. I saw it and swam to it as it started to sink but it went down and i went under and chased it but i ran out of air and had to swim up and i never got it. The guys and Cat died laughing and i was super embarrassed so i went into the cabin and put on my panties and sweat pants. I didn't go on the tube again that day.
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

That had to be the worst

I lost my swim trunks once skiing but after three times you were probably right to not go out again! Thanks

Loved the story!