Pain In the ***


I don't when I actually lost my true self.   Looking back on it he was like this when we were dating I guess I was just too you and stupid to see the signs.  Now years later it has gotten worse.  Any friend I meet that I go out with he hates and says he doesn't want me to hang out with them.  If I say I am doing something with a friend he will call their cell phone looking for me.  Heaven forbid if he can't get a hold of me through that way.  Then he just starts calling everyone I know.  He literally takes numbers off the caller id at home and memorizes them.  When he goes to work if I have the car or if there is any way that I would be able to leave the house he calls "to check on me" it's more like he is calling to check in on me.  My own mother calls him my warden.  He'll call her if I am over there to see where I am if she says I went to the store then he is like when did she leave where did she go?  He checks cell phone records like a PI.  As soon as he gets up he checks the house phones caller ID and I'm sure he presses redial to see who has been called.   He has even gotten to the point of following me and a friend and then playing it off as though he didn't.  If I am going to a friend's house he will call over there and if they say I have left he wants to know when I left and did I say I was going anywhere else.  I can never say I just went to town he wants complete details as where did I go and even sometimes who did I see.  It is exhausting to live with him.  On the flip side he does whatever the hell he wants to.  When I bring it up to him his reasoning is well I was hanging out at a friend's house not at some bar.  I can't even hang out at a friend's house without him whining.  It's like I am suppose to cater to him and his every need.  I can't take it too much longer.  He thinks that I shouldn't have friends to hang out with that he is the only friend I should have.  God just grant me the strength not to kill him one of these days!

crazyinlove88 crazyinlove88
26-30, F
Feb 19, 2009