Cancer Already Has A Real Cure.

I research cancer, Not to gain money but to help people. I am not a doctor or anything of the sort. I lost a daughter back about 4 years ago to something that could have been prevented but the doctors just showed a total lack of care that could have been done to save my baby girl.
So I started doing research on what could have been done to have saved her.
Well on thing led to another and I ended up researching Something called well I will call it Resurrection or the cloeses thing to it.
It turned out that there was a researcher who also happened to be an MD and I guess he may also be a teacher out at UCLA Berkley California , He is on the cutting edge of research of bringing people back to life from death.
I know what you are likely thinking that he may be a quack or something but wait till you hear the real story that was documented.
Now as this story goes This Doc/Researcher who has been doing experiments on animals for whatever his reasons were I don't know but the results will blow your socks off....
So after many long years of research he learned that there is something I call the ressurection effect.
It turns out that the soul does not escape the body for a full 24 hour period, if that was not enough to totaly fasinate you already it gets way better.
So he did more research and learned that with these animal experiemnts that he could bring the animals back to life after all I guess he was only working with animals that died of natural causes I am just guessing on this after all they had to be dead to work on them for his purposes of bringing them back to life.
Kinda even sounded like a frankenstine thing but its much better than that.
So as the story goes he got a team of people together after alot of years of doing this and learned some key things about death. It turns out that people are not really dead ontill 24 hours is gone, the can littlerly be totaly revived even if they have not been breathing for many hours but only in that 24 hour window of oppertunity so it happens.
He was no joke eaither he proceeded to prove it to everyone.
So as I understand he took a team of people I guess reporters too, Down to the place they keep dead people, he had the people there decide on who they wanted to do the experiment on. After all there dead there and what do they have to loose.
It was decided that a man was to be the one to recieve treatment. So he asked the following questions of them.
1. How long has he been dead? after all it cannot be passed 24 hours.
2. What did he die of?
3. The body has to have been fully preserved with no extra damage to it.

So he learned that the man has died of a heart attack.
He gets the man and does heart sergery on him right then and there, to fix his heart.
Then he makes sure that he is not damaged any before bringing him back to life.
So with people all gathered around witnessing this, they were Shocked when he pulls out the paddles and shocks the man back to life hitting him with several electrical shocks.
The man sits up and exclaimed that that was the worset headacke that he ever has had in his life, The people there are in total shock and disbelief.
He had been laying there dead for a full 4 hours when he got there plus the 3-4 hours of heart sergery. and now the man is littlery sitting up and breathing and alive with just a massive head acke. So he sends him home to his wife who is in a state of shock at learning about it all. and To this day that man is still alive with his wife.
So anyhow I started learning more about things, I began researching longjevity then after that, Then cancer.
So cancer is the result of an imbalence in the cells, of a skewed acidity and the breakdown of that balance when the moleclure structure of that cell begins to change. So some people are more resistant to it than others. Like that story of the 1 percent.
Turns out that 1 percent of the people are hyper resistant to certian things.
call it a fluke of nature of whatever you like. there are 1 percent of the people who are resistant or immune to the aids virus so it turns out.
A man who had aids and lukemia and this was in the actual news I think i captured the artical even. So he had lukemia and was going to die of it. He was incrdibley lucky in that he ended up with the 1 percents bone marrow transfusion in that well let me tell you the whole story.
So the man has both desieses, He goes to the Doc. Hey doc I have aids and lukemia, They sceduale him for a bone marrow transplant.
short of the story is that it turned out that the bone marrow transplant was with a person and how unlikely this was, was immune to aids. He gets the transplant and it cures not only the lukemia but also the aids..... The docs are shocked to learn that his aids is gone after the transplant of the bone marrow and they gave him all new blood I think they nearly neglected to mention that part. He got new bone marrow and new blood and it was from the 1 percent who have an immunity to the desiese.
I thought it should be front page news but hey whatever, they had it on like nearly the back page like it was no biggie.
Anyhow so the cancer thing, a Researcher in Canada had been researching cancer for like 30 plus years. on the cycles of the human blood cells related to cancer.
He learned that there is a link between the cycle of the human blood cells and cancer.
He developed a vacciene for cancer. It turned out that it worked so well that peoples cancer shrank away and were totaly cured with it. He called it x14 likely his 14th experiment in the chain of his research I suspect. it came in this tiny little clear viles. but he only had a small amount of it. and people for all over flocked to him for the cure. but he only had tiny amounts of the drug that he made. so There another story that this leads into.
A not so smart man who was this farmer in Canada was feeding his horses one day. and it wasnt long that he learned that his horse had cancer. the vet told him it was unlikely that his horse was going to make it. so he took the horse home to die. but as fate had it that horse by sheer accident started to get better when it ate a certian kind of grass that the farmer had taken the horse to a new area of pasture.
A kind of saw grass that the horse usualy never ate he was eating that day.
So even the farmer could see that when the horse ate that kind of grass it seemed to get better and when it ate the other kind it got worse. Doesnt take a rocket scientest to figure that one out.
So the grass apparently was the reason the horse was getting better.
I guess the word got out eventually and they likely did a study on that grass that that horse was eating and I guess it contained the chemical disodiumacitate a powdered version that humans can consume useto be used for another purpose turns out to be what also cures cancer. but wait theres more. it has to be consumed with vit. B. to activate correctly.
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I agree that you could and should pray. but in the mean time please start taking VIt. B and also DCA the powdered version to beat the cancer. Look up how the Canadians cure it. Its been known for many years already. So this horse that a farmer had ate a certain grass and when that horse ate that certain kind of grass it got cured of the cancer. When it stopped eating that grass it got sick again. So even the not so bright farmer figured out that that grass over thar is good for my horse. So the news got out and the found out the horse had cancer. And the grass turned out to contain DCA. Disodiumacitate if mixed correctly with Vitamin B it cures cancer.