Cancer Affects My Family Greatly!

I have lost my Grandfathers on both parent's sides, my Grandmother on my dad's side, and my Great-Uncle on my moms side. My Uncle on my dads side beat it and I helped my Grandmother on my moms side through it. My Grandfather on my mom's side died the day after my 9th birthday to prostate Cancer. My grandfather on my dad's side got lung cancer and died before I was born. My Grandmother on my moms side got Brest Cancer right after my Grandfather on my mom's side died and I moved in with her because she is my favorite person and she needed my help. My Great-Uncle got lung cancer and died after a few months of being diagnosed. My Uncle had Lymphomia in his shoulder and under his arm and just beat it this past Feb. My Grandmother on my dads side got Colon Cancer and they found it way to late she died in about a month later a few days after this past Christmas! My Grandmother has been put on hospice and her pace-maker is dying! she is all I have left because she really rasied me, she is my favorite person and when she dies it may be the death of me. I'm scared that I could get Cancer because it has affected a lot of my family. Cancer should go to Hell!!! Everyone hates it especially me. My grandmother could be stronger if she hadn't gone through it because she gave up when she moved into a nursing home and she keeps going down hill if she gets anykind of sick it would be the death of her! 


Now my second cousin was diagnosed with eye cancer that has already spread to her brain and she is going to dye because it is too advanced for treatment!

Now a very close friend of mine was diagnosed with throat cancer, the same day my mom was told after her colonosopy that she didn't have colon cancer but she has had one of the diseases that cause it since she was 20.

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