Some of the Most Important People In My Life

My grandfather died of cancer when I was two. I never knew him. They tell me though that he loved me, loved to hold me and play with me. I was too young to know how much it hurt to lose someone.

I was 17 when Carol died of cancer. I wasn't too young to feel it then. Carol was this amazing lady I met. She was Edith Head's protege, and she made my prom dress for me. She was so kind to everyone... she was so well known for her love and generosity that known gang members tended her gardens for her, picked up groceries for her, and did whatever she needed, because they knew she loved them, no matter how messed up their lives were. Anyone could show up at her house at any time of the day, and she would put on a pot of coffee, and get some crackers or cookies and just let you pour out whatever was eating at you, and she never judged you for it, never turned anyone away. When we found out she had liver and pancreatic cancer, she was more concerned about us than about herself.

Four years ago I lost Uncle Burgess (really mom mom's uncle) to cancer. He tried to make up for the grandpa I lost when I was a baby. I loved him more than he ever realized. He has this awesome secret recipe for BBQ sauce, and I was the only one he trusted it with. I treasure that recipe.

Two years ago I lost my grandma to cancer. We found out she had cancer on Friday, and she died on Sunday. It still hurts to think about it. Sometimes, even at night, I go sit in the graveyard with her and just cry.

As many times as my mom has been sick, it has never been cancer. We are very lucky.

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We are helpless in this world. Everyone came in this world has to leave this world at any time.