Not Enough Time

In november I was told that my Grampa has 2 months to live, from liver cancer. After a week he was taken to hospital and soon after we were told a week at a push.

One night i was told to pack a bag and go to my friend's house, as he might not make it through the night.

the morning after when i got home, my mum and dad told me that he didn't make it. i remember the feeling of dispair and guilt that i never told him i loved him in the last few days of his life.

2 days before the funeral, i was told my auntie grace had died, as she had been battling cancer since before i was born.

it has been 57 days withought Grampy, and 42 without Auntie Grace, and i cannot describe how much i miss them. i have so much spare time, as we used to go see Grampy most days, and every saturday and sunday.

I honestly don't know how people who have lost parents, and siblings have gotten through it , as me just losing those two relatives has pretty much killed me.

*When I look to the stars i know just wear you are, you're looking down apon me*

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Thank you. my heart goes out to you and your family too...

I am so sorry for your loss. my mom was tol din feb that she has 6 months after being diagnosed wiht liver cancer, hen after the stints had failed she was told three months, now after a final attempt to save the stints they put in her liver due to the cancer they had to be roemoved. and now they have given her just weeks, I have been here wiht her since th ebgeinning but it is hard. I have my kids with me 5, and 2 montrhs. and my oldets duaghter is at home with her father. SHe is i nhospcie care and has a hospital bed in he rhome, it is safd wtahcing her die, knowing i cant do anything but giv her meds to make her more comfortable. I am so sorry that you had to lose your family it is the hardest thing. I am here still with her, watching her wither away. i owe iut to her, she is my mother and she would do the sam efor me. My heart goes out to you.....