My Older Sister Passed Away (funeral Day)

The funeral was Saturday, April 28 at 1 pm.  The day after my 29th birthday.  My Mom ended up going with me.  My two sisters that are 2 years older than me and their Moms showed up too.  My younger brother and sister were there also but their Mom didn't show.  We all were there to support our family.  When we got there we proceeded to set on the family side.  Because we weren't recognized as my deceased sister's family, we were asked to get up and move for the mentioned relatives.  My siblings and I were furious but we quickly tried to calm down when they asked us to come back inside.  We were seated in the middle of the pews in party chairs.  How wrong this seemed, I was thinking.  But we went on in anyway.

The funeral was sad as any other, and I broke and cried when the choir sang the song that my sister liked "I Give Myself Away".  Because in many ways, I give a lot of myself away.  I'm more of a giver than a receiver.  While everyone was viewing my sister for the last time, I was surprised when our Dad walked through.  I was really surprised.  All I was thinking was, how could I miss this.  My job totally understood and that was nice.  My journey now is to try to keep in touch with the rest of my siblings as much as possible.
micia73 micia73
36-40, F
May 7, 2012