Still Can't Believe It

My grandfather just passed away two weeks ago from cancer. I just can't believe it. Everyone is devastated. I feel so bad for my dad and grandmother especially. They are really having a hard time. It was so shocking how fast his health deteriorated. Just 6 months ago he was healthy. It's so strange to walk into my grandparents house now. I just expect to see him sitting in his recliner  watching   John Wayne (or John Wang as he would pronounce it lol) on tv like he always did. Now his chair is empty. We will miss him forever. There's a big hole in the family now that he's gone.
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Loosing a loved one is hard. I have lost uncles and grandparents but never anyone closer. My grandmothers funeral was the hardest for me, so I feel for you. Remember the good times you had and dont be afraid to talk to your family about them, it helps everyone to remember the good times. The most recent loss in my family was an uncle who got cancer and past away very quickly. I was glad for everyone that it was quick but we all miss him so much. He was a good father, husband and uncle to us all. I often talk to my cousins about their dad and at times it is sad for us but I know we need it. Hugs.

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I can completely relate as to how you're feeling at this point in time. My father lost his battle with liver and bowel cancer in September 2006. He fought hard for 18 months until this wretched disease took his life away from him. I miss him terribly and do find it hard to talk about at times.<br />
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I know this is easy to say but try to make the most of your life with your family. Your grandfather would want that I am guessing. Grieving takes some time and but having family around will ease the strain you'd all be feeling.<br />
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Hopefully i've been of some help :-)

To loose someone in the family is always a big loss whether suddenly or through illness. When I lost my dad (suddenly), I would sometimes dream that he had come back home and we were having tea togather, and I kept asking him where he was and he would smile at me and say "I'm fine".<br />
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Whenever things remind me of him, then i know he's watching over us from up there. He's happy and healthy where he is.

I just came across your profile and this story, whilst this happened a while ago now I really feel for you. I hope that time is indeed a healer. (HUGS)

Such a difficult time, I know how tough it is, I lost my father to multiple myeloma cancer as well. I'm sorry your having to endure this.

Sorry to hear of your loss

It really is terrible just how quick some forms of cancer does strike, I feel so sorry for you and all your family, Please remember all the wonderful times you had with your grandfather, and the pain will subside in time .. but those memories will always be with you and no-one can ever take those away. Please take care ...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Sorry about your loss.

I am so sorry for your loss.