My Grandfather

On this day 9/24/12, last year I lost the man that meant every thing to me since I was a baby. My grandfather was one of those family men you saw on tv or in a fairy tale that always provides and cares for every one. He was a small town southern farmer who smoked most of his life and every thing from good work ethic to some unwanted habits like... sad to say smoking rubbed off on me. He past away last year from stage three lung cancer that originally started from skin cancer on his hand. He fought so hard against it and at one point looked as if he was going to make it out the other side just fine but sadly on the night of his death he had a rough cough and went for some water and collapsed in the middle of the hospital floor. He pasted away from a blood clot in his lung. And it still haunts me to this day just thinking that he died alone and wondering if there was any thing that I could have done to help him.
James19962 James19962
Sep 24, 2012