My Grandpa Died of Cancer

I have lost my grandpa, my grandma, and my cousin to cancer. My grandpa to colon cancer, my grandma to lung cancer and my cousin to some bone type of cancer. Cancer sucks :(

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My grandpa is currently dying of cancer :(

Gelomia is the type of cancer my grampa has. It is all so a brain tumor.

My grampa has brain cancer and his life is numbered to a few weeks. I don't know how to handle the pain I feel inside.

I lost my Mom to leukemia in 2007. It was a long battle and she fought so hard, but..... it ended badly. Seeing her hooked up to the respirator and being sedated 24/7 was awful. :(

I lost both of my grandpas to cancer, one is lung cancer and the other one is, at first it's only a prostate cancer, but later on the cancer had spread out, so it kind of became a bone/blood cancer, and his body didn't produce red blood cell anymore. So at that time we have to run around to find a AB blood donor. I lost both of them, within 100 days distance. What a year...<br />
Anyway, may they rest in peace... They are in a much more capable hand now...

Cancer sucks :( sorry to hear that hotbianca. and that must be hard luvluvin. but its good to hear your husband is stable at the moment.

my grandpa died of the same thing yours did, I was in the 5th grade.-- he was my GOOD grandpa, the other was an ***!!

I too have lost quite a few loved ones to the last 3 years alone my mum died of lung cancer, my husband was diagnosed (is stable at the moment Yay!) with lung cancer and my brother died of testicular's been a real tough 3 years but am just starting to smile again :)